Thursday, November 14, 2019

Summer 2019

"Summer is like childhood; full of warm memories and gone too soon."
-Kellie Elmore

Winter came early this year. Snow covers the golden leaves, the two seasons intermingling. Temperatures dropped to the low 20s, below zero with the windchill. It's a low blow for an already short season to end so abruptly, giving way to one that lasts so long.

It's hard to be completely devastated when my children embrace the change with excitement. They run off the bus, blow through their homework and chores, and bundle up in all the layers to play outside with the neighborhood kids. Once upon a time I would have frozen right alongside them, but now they've traded their boring mom for their friends.

While they may have accepted this abrupt weather change, I am still living in denial, pretending we're still in swimsuits eating popsicles in the backyard. Editing the summer video brought me right back. Come along and live in denial with me. Enjoy some of our favorite summer memories!


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