Sunday, February 25, 2018

February Family Film

"I love you, and that's the beginning and end of everything."
-F. Scott Fitzgerald

February is the month where we openly celebrate love. With little candy hearts and expensive floral arrangements and pink heart pancakes and homemade Valentines cards tucked in gift bags. That's how we show our love every February 14th. But I like to think we show it a million different ways over the course of the year, every single day, not just the one the calendar says we should.

While compiling the video clips I took this month for my family film project, I saw lots of these acts of love. A girl feeding her kitties. A brother helping a sister. A mother doing her daughter's hair. Siblings playing together. These little acts of love that weave together to form a special bond. Watch for yourself. Here's our February.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Fleeting Moments

Some fleeting moments pass by-
           like golden hues
                       carrying magic
that is only felt
           when all comes to an end.
-Musarrat Bte Salam

These days are a blur. A whirl of activity. One day bleeds into another. It’s hard to pinpoint where one begins and another ends. One day a face loses its babyness, but you can’t remember when or how it happened. Just last night you were kissing those chubby cheeks. But now the face is older somehow. The smile has missing teeth, new ones replacing the ones you distinctly remember growing in those grueling teething days. Favorite clothes are exchanged for larger sizes. Phases come and go and sometimes come around again. Notches on the growth ruler mark the passing of time, evidence you can’t deny. Your babies are growing. 

These days are a blur. A whirl of activity. One day bleeds into another. But I don’t want to forget the beauty of these fleeting moments. I want to encapsulate them. Keep them forever. Cue a month long online film class, and suddenly I have a new way to do exactly this. Photos are great, but to record their little voice and movements and personality is a whole different ball game. You guys, I’m in love! Completely obsessed with this new way of documenting my babies. Our life. All our little and big moments. All of it!

Here is my first (but most definitely not my last) family film.