Thursday, July 27, 2017

River Rats

"Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August."
-Jenny Han

One of our favorite summer things is packing up the beach toys, grabbing a pizza and loading into the boat to spend an evening on the Mississippi River. With the boys growing up and becoming involved in more activities, it becomes harder to find a free night to escape to our favorite place. So when we do, we flee as fast as we can. Such was a night a few weeks ago, when everything aligned and we found ourselves with sand between our toes and the sun upon our backs, wasting the time away on a sandbar. And, man, did it feel oh so good.

I remember once upon a time when Dave and I used to do this exact thing. We'd escape to a sandbar, beers in hand, and watch the sunset on the river before heading back. Then came our first baby. I can still feel little Spencer asleep on my lap, his chubby cheeks smashed against the life jacket as we bounced on the waves back to the boat landing after such an evening spent on the river. Then came another baby, and more vivid memories of sandy bums and sleepy babes. And another baby. And more and more memories being made during one of our favorite summer things.

Hopefully everything aligns again this summer and we find ourselves with sandy toes and pizza sauced-fingers, wasting our time away in the one place we never want to leave.