Thursday, July 2, 2015

Shimmers bright as a blue summer sky.

"...that space is the place where possibility lives and in my mind it shimmers bright as a blue summer sky."
-Sophie Cunningham

With the holiday weekend upon us, I realize just how quickly June breezed by. As busy as we were, I kind of forgot to stop and soak it in. That seems to be the theme with summers. They breeze on by, their memory a whisper in our ears as temperatures cool in the fall.

Our June was filled with a many great things. Some days busy. Some days lazy. Each significant in their own way. Spencer started his first season of summer park rec activities. Tee ball is by far his most beloved, even if he spends the great majority of his time transforming the bill of baseball cap into a shovel and digging when he should be participating. He seems to enjoy track and field while he's there, but later he complains how tired it makes him. But it was decided early on that the large assortment of age groups in kickball wasn't much fun for him, so we dropped that particular sport.

Both boys attended a week long summer school session. After the first day, Spencer declared kindergarten is way more fun than preschool. It was Ashton first time ever participating solo and it was definitely a rough start. Walking away at drop-off as he screamed for me nearly broke my heart, but we both persevered and now preschool is one of his favorite things. He even chose school over a kiddie parade on the last day. After picking him up on that fateful first day, he informed me that he was having way, way, waaaaaay too much fun to miss me. He has one more week long session this month before the official start of his preschool year in the fall.

One afternoon we crouched in a field picking strawberries. It was our first strawberry-picking adventure and I think we'll add it to our summer bucket list next year as well. We made a few desserts with our pickings.

Our lazier days included backyard pool and sprinkler days, bike rides, plenty of picnics, bon fires at the lodge, and lots and lots of ice cream. But let's not forget about Father's Day and our impromptu beach evening when the boys stripped down to their khaki shorts and swam on that hot, muggy day. June, you were good to us. Now it's time to enjoy all July has to offer.

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