Friday, May 15, 2015

A day at the Atlantic Ocean.

"As the ocean is never full of water, so is the heart never full of love."

Last fall I attended my cousin's ocean-side wedding sans kids; and the entire time I heard echoes of their shrill voices screaming with excitement, saw the ghosts of their bodies made to look teeny against the wide expanse of the Atlantic; and I couldn't wait to introduce them to the thrill of it themselves. On our recent vacation I was finally able to do so. We loaded back up in the car that second day with my in-laws and drove the few hours to Edisto Beach, and it surely didn't disappoint.

Although the brewing storms produced strong winds that chilled the air, the boys barely noticed. They ran straight into the water and then away as the waves chased them back to sandy beach. They played this cat and mouse game with the ocean all day, stopping briefly to make sand castles, explore the underside of the pier, and get ice cream. Once they stopped moving, the wind chilled their wet skin and they came running to us with chattering teeth. A brief towel snuggle, and they were back at it.

Our beach day happened to fall on David's birthday, Cindo de Mayo. Barb brought along brownies and we sang to him on the beach. The birds joined our celebration. Then it was back in the water, not wasting a single precious second of their beach day.

We arrived back home late that night, sandy, tired and content, already looking forward to our next visit to the ocean.

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