Saturday, October 18, 2014

Home, sweet, home.

"And home, sings me of sweet things."
-Bonnie Raitt

My mom was home visiting this week, and the great state of Minnesota had teacher conferences cancelling all schools, so we all reunited for some family fun. The boys and I made the two hour trek home Wednesday afternoon. I meandered off the interstate onto some country roads once we were close to my grandma's house to allow Ashton to nap a smidge longer. Of course, as several times in the past, I got lost. With an extremely full bladder and the clock ticking closer to our meeting time, I finally gave up, backtracked to the interstate, and sped to the nearest gas station so we could relieve ourselves. Instead of arriving with plenty of time to spare, we got there almost precisely on time.

After filling our bellies with a smorgasbord of food, we headed to my sister's house, and had a cousin sleepover. I shared a bed with Spencer, who likes to sleep sideways and on top of the covers, and snores just like his daddy.

Thursday morning our big group headed to the apple orchard. We somehow picked the nicest day of the week, topping the charts at 70 degrees. As the day went on, we were stripping off layers. We didn't pick a single apple, but we were kept entertained by the overload of activities. From slides to hayrides to mazes to tunnels to haunted forest, this place had it all. And by 2:00 my boys were reaching their limit. With faces caked with dirt and corn kernels in mysterious hidden places, we decided we should call it quits. We hopped back in the van, nibbling our snacks, and made our way back home, where Daddy was waiting with a frozen pizza for supper.

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