Friday, September 5, 2014

The best of what might be.

“Summertime is always the best of what might be.” 
-Charles Bowden

As the summer wound down and it was obvious that our time was limited, we stuffed in a lot of one last times. One last time going to the beach. One last time swimming in the backyard kiddie pool. One last BBQ. One last river date. One last park picnic. And each time we experienced our supposedly last time of the season, I'd purposefully take a moment to pause and really soak it all in. 

Usually I am pushing against the calendar, trying to slow time down, to have an endless summer. But, oddly, this year I am ready for the change of seasons. I'm mourning summer a little and definitely enjoying our last bits of the warm weather, but I'm excited for everything fall has to offer.

But before the weather officially dips below 60 degrees and the leaves do their golden dance onto the ground, we are definitely cramming every little thing we possibly can into what remains of the summer.

With the end of summer brings the beginning of the new school year. The start of this particular school year seemed uneventful--a continuation of where Spencer left off last spring. Since we decided to delay kindergarten a year, he is back in the same preschool classroom with the same teachers. He's meeting new friends, but everything is exactly the same. A building year to prepare him for the big jump next year. This time next September will feel much different, nothing uneventful about that fateful first day, I'm sure. Until then, we are basking in the familiar, readying for change on the horizon. Like a new season. And lots and lots of new things to learn and explore.

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