Monday, July 14, 2014


Instructions for living a life:
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.
-Mary Oliver

Lately we've been soaking up the cooler temps in between rain showers. Doused in gallons of bug spray, of course. The pesky gnats swarm and viciously attack. Our tanned skin is evidence of a summer lived outside. Lazy days filled with park dates, playing in the driveway, picnics and family walks.

Lately our conversations have been consumed with birthday details. Spencer's birthday is a few weeks away and all he talks about is: When is it August? How many days until my birthday? We should get this for my party. When I'm five, I'll be able to do this. It's nonstop talk about his big impending day. Ashton also talks about his birthday and becomes upset when we tell him he has to wait until the fall. And he is convinced he will also be turning five years old; he does not want anything to do with age three.

Lately Ashton's increasing independence is strongly juxtaposed with his desire to be a baby forever. He wants to do things big kids do, yet you best not call him a big boy. One of these days we'd like to transition him out of his crib into a toddler bed, but he becomes extremely upset even at the suggestion of it, even if it is just removing the front part of his beloved crib. My favorite quirk is how he will say, I want you, Mommy. Will you have me? Yes, my dear sweet baby, I will have you for always.

Lately the boys have been able to entertain themselves for longer stretches of time. I've even become comfortable enough to let them play in the backyard alone (while I glance out the window 300 million times, of course. Baby steps). I love eavesdropping on them and witness the things they say.

Lately Spencer and Ashton have been so tender with each other. Spencer will rush to get a bandaid should Ashton fall. But they fight like typical brothers, so much so that I almost forget the tender moments.

Lately we've been reveling in unscheduled nights and busy weekends, excited for upcoming camping trips and checking off the remaining items on our summer bucket list.

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