Friday, July 18, 2014

Alphabet: X, Y & Z

For the last few months we have been finishing up our alphabet series by learning about the last three letters. Lots of glue, some Youtube videos, sneaking snacks and, finally, a field trip. Now the alphabets on their bedroom doors are complete.


Xylophone Xs for the bedroom door alphabets.

Hand X-rays.


Yak Ys for the door alphabets.

Yarn bowls.
This project was extremely messy, and my boys did not enjoy the stickiness of the glue on their fingers. I ended up doing the majority of this one by myself.


Zebra Zs for the door alphabets.

Zoo animal cracker snacks.

Zoo field trip.
With our homemade zoo snacks to munch on, we drove to a small zoo nearby, a perfect way to end our alphabet series. I made up a scavenger hunt of some of the animals at the zoo, and Spencer toted the clipboard around, marking off the animals with stickers. Then we breaked for a picnic lunch, park date and an exploration of the area turned up a little stream the boys just couldn't resist.

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