Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Alphabet: W

Without exactly meaning to, we took a few months hiatus from our alphabet series. Initially the break began because we took time off to do Easter projects. And then we took more time and more time and before I knew it, it'd been months. So here we are, back at it again, and it feels good.

A few weeks ago, we focused on the letter W, and had a lot of fun.

Watermelon Ws for the bedroom door alphabets.

Worm W pictures.

Discovering real worms outside. Since then the boys have become a bit obsessed with them and will collect them as pets.

Water balloon targets. After filling up a billion water balloons, taping a giant W target onto the easel, and arranging bowls of paint on the ground, I instructed the boys to dip the balloons in the paint and throw them at the target. Everything after that was their own doing. Spencer and I did this activity the last time we studied the letter W in our alphabet series; and it was just as fun this time around, but probably messier since Ashton was involved.

I also drew some Ws with chalk on the driveway and Spencer had fun washing the chalk off by breaking water balloons on them.

Once the million balloons were gone, the scraps littering the driveway like a shattered rainbow, the boys decided they weren't quite ready to be done yet. I passed out paintbrushes and away they went. Needless to say, this particular activity ended in the bathtub.

Lately, Spencer and I have been spending time before naps huddled over workbooks. While I read to Ashton and put him down for a nap, Spencer sits at the table without me and writes his name and practices writing the letter of the week. Then I join him and we do a letter worksheet together and then move on to the more interesting stuff, like beginning math. He adores those lessons and only slightly tolerates the handwriting ones. But I've noticed such a remarkable difference since we've started our nap-time workbooks. He writes his name easily and recognizes more and more letters, both upper and lower case. I try to come up with creative ways for him to remember how to write each letter. For instance, for W I told him to draw a line down a hill and then up a hill and then down and hill and back up a hill, so now the letter is referred to as "down hill, up hill, down hill, up hill." Sometimes these little tricks backfire, though. He refers to C as "half moon" and struggles to remember the letter itself, but he writes it easily enough.

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