Friday, May 2, 2014

A Month in Pictures {April}

“The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance. The wise man grows it under his feet.”
-James Oppenheim

During my tough days where every little insignificant thing seems like a big deal, I'm often reminded of the saying that goes something like, the days are long but the years are short. Some days seem to be endless, where I'm counting every second until nap time and then bedtime, when I can find some peace in the quiet of my sleeping home. But then something will remind me of how quickly time really is passing. A shirt that was once large on Spencer now is snug. Ashton pointing out random letters: E is for elephant. A is for Ashton and Mommy! There are little mile markers embedded in my days that scream: SLOW DOWN, ANGIE! LIFE IS PASSING YOU BY! But, mostly, I miss these signs as I'm focused on making it through each stage of the day. Ashton often asks to be wrapped up like a taco baby; and I attempt to swaddle him, the blanket barely wrapping around his body once, his arms and legs sticking out. I cradle him in my arms like I once did his newborn frame, but now his limbs dangle off to the side and the weight of his body is a heavy reminder that, truly, time is passing all too fast. 

The month of April was definitely no exception, and it zoomed on by in a flash. We were teased with lovely spring weather, only to be devastated by accumulating snowfall. We soaked up all the sunshine we could during the winter reprieve and dreamed of the summer days ahead. Here is our April in a series of pictures.

I. Spring has sprung. Hooray!

The boys pretended this was their campfire. They're itching to go camping again.

II. Never mind, Winter's back.

III. Dates.

   A. First picnic of the season.

   B. Scoping out the flooding at the levy.

   C. Spencer and Mommy date at Target.

IV. Random moments.

   A. Ashton's swing obsession (and maybe Mommy's, too).

   B. Camper picnic lunch.

   C. Sleeping babes.

   D. Pull your hair out moments.


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