Wednesday, April 30, 2014


At the end of the day,
Lord I pray ,
I have a life that's good.

A Life That's good lyrics from The Music of Nashville album

Lately we've been sentenced to days inside our home again. The rain is the guilty culprit this time. And the seasonably cool temperatures. Yesterday is snowed. Big, fat, wet flakes that melted the instant they landed. The sight of the snowflakes mingling with the falling rain through my windshield depressed me. At this late in the spring season, it's a lot to handle, even if nothing accumulated. Its very existence in April is enough.

I rebelled against the continual drizzle yesterday and wore inappropriate footwear. But, really, the joke was on me since I was the one walking around with soggy, cold feet and wet pant legs. So today I decided enough was enough. Although the thermometer topped at a whopping 38 degrees and the rain never ceased, we went outside to play anyway. Armed with beach toys, the boys played in the little rain-made stream in our backyard until their little fingers turned red and mean mommy made them go inside for hot cocoa.

Tomorrow's forecast doesn't look much better. I promised the boys another romp in the backyard stream. Hey, at least the puddles aren't frozen and the grass isn't covered with snow. Lately, we'll take what we can get.

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