Monday, April 7, 2014

A Day in the Life of... {Spring}

Make-believe cameras followed my family around on Monday, April 7, 2014 to document every single mundane moment of our day. Here is a glimpse into a single day in our lives.  

6:44 a.m.
Spencer scampers into my room, startling me awake. One glance at the clock and I send him back to his room, reminding him to check his owl alarm clock before coming out of his room. Fifteen minutes later he is back, toting the green-lit owl to let me know it is now time to wake up. He crawls into bed with me and I turn on Nick Jr. for him to watch while I take a long, hot shower, hoping it'll steam away the sleepiness leftover from a long weekend back home visiting my family.

7:36 a.m.
Ashton's awake. I plop him on the bed next to Spencer while I finish getting ready. Then we wander into the kitchen for breakfast. Luckily the breakfast prep is completed without drama over who gets what color bowl and whining over the wrong kinds of cereal. While eating we chat about our day and I refill their bowls a few times with more Cheerios. Breakfast is the one meal they are guaranteed to eat and eat and eat. Afterwards Spencer dresses himself. Most of the outfits he comes up with make me laugh and are usually on backwards or inside out, but I rarely correct him since it's one less job I have to worry about in the morning. This morning he dresses in record time, probably because there are actually clean clothes folded and put away in his drawers instead of having to dig in the baskets in the laundry room. I dress Ashton. Then the boys follow me into my bathroom and step all over me while I try to pull my damp hair into a messy bun. We round up shoes and coats and school bags and grocery bags and begin the hustle to get out the door on time.

8:22 a.m.
It's a cool, rainy day out, but it's hard to complain when most of the snow has melted and the temperature allows for lighter jackets. We stop at Spencer's preschool to drop him off with a reminder to behave, and then Ashton and I drive to Walmart for our Monday morning grocery shopping date. I try to avoid this store, but it's hard to argue its convenience when you need a variety of things. We spend an enormous amount of time there. Ashton gobbles up a donut while I wander up and down the grocery aisles. Then we meander over to the home improvement section and attract the attention of an employee when I'm loading up on the paint sample cards for an Easter project. I quickly grab a few more and hurry away before she can ask me to put the huge stack back. Finally, we've picked up everything we need and have the unfortunate luck of being stuck behind the one and only person who still writes checks, then want to void it, which warrants the help of a supervisor. A million minutes later, we have our turn through the check-out and head out to the parking lot. I turn the van into a makeshift changing table and change Ashton's stinky diaper. 

10:52 a.m.
We arrive back at Spencer's preschool early, so we spy on him through the window. He looks bored in circle time. A few minutes later he runs out the door and gives me a big hug, like he does every day. Thankfully today I don't hear any bad news from his teacher regarding his behavior, a great start to a new week.

11:20 a.m.
Back home the boys immediately go to their rooms for a time-out. They were yelling and fighting in the van. I step outside to take a few deep breaths and to tune out the screams from inside their closed bedroom doors. It is more than a bad case of the Mondays. They are struggling against their body's exhaustion from a long, busy weekend away from home. I know this, yet it still hard to keep my sanity.

11:31 a.m.
Released from their rooms after some hugs and chats, we set to work putting away the groceries. Spencer declares himself a good helper. Afterwards we sit down for our customary Grocery Monday Lunchable and yogurt with granola meal. The boys watch a few minutes of TV while I clean up the lunch mess. Then we start the Easter project from the paint sample cards I got from Walmart. Ashton grows bored after only a few minutes cutting and coloring, but Spencer lasts much longer. We don't finish the garland, but I leave everything out to finish tomorrow.

1:03 p.m.
It's nap time. I read to Ashton first and then Spencer. Ashton fights it, and I have to go back in a while later to lay him back down. Spencer plays for a bit before finally settling down and falling asleep. During the quiet break, I scroll through my Instagram feed and read on my Kindle.

3:20 p.m.
Ashton is awake. I check on Spencer; he's fast asleep. I chuckle at the circle of books he created on his floor. Ashton suffers through a few minutes of me freshening up in my bathroom before we finally go downstairs to play basketball.

3:55 p.m.
Spencer is awake. We leave to meet Daddy for supper for our busy night. Soccer starts tonight. We arrive early, so the boys join me in the front of the van to waste time. Dave arrives shortly after sporting his "Guy Fieri" shades that I relentlessly make fun of. We walk into Taco Johns (or as Ashton calls it, Chicken Nugget Johns, since he doesn't care for tacos). Dave orders while I situate the boys in a booth. Now that Ashton uses a booster instead of a highchair, Spencer has decided he needs one again, too. 

5:13 p.m.
We have time to waste before soccer so the boys play at the park. A little rain dribbles on us and the sky looks as if it's going to open up and show us a beautiful spring thunderstorm, but after a few minutes the sun comes out and soccer starts without a hitch. This year Spencer is on the red team and they've named themselves the Red Cheetos. Thankfully he heeds our warnings about behaving on the field and keeping his hands to himself. Ashton plays in the background with a soccer ball we brought from home. He really wants to play with Cubby, but we keep telling him he isn't quite big enough yet. Once soccer is over, we split up. Dave takes Spencer to Target shoe shopping and I take Ashton home. The kid is crabby and whines the entire drive home about wanting water NOW.

6:55 p.m.
I get Ashton ready for bed and we cuddle while reading stories, singing songs, praying and chatting about our day today and our day tomorrow. After about a million kisses, I put him in his crib and say good-night. A few minutes later, he summons me with loud whining about his water not working. Translation: the sippy cup is empty. I refill his water and say good-night again.

7:41 p.m.
Dave and Spencer are home. Spencer is so proud of his new shoes. He models them for me. Dave gets him ready for bed. Then I go in later to pray with him and tuck him in. He's full of energy and I know he'll play a long while before winding down for bed.

8:07 p.m.
Dave cleans up the disaster in the kitchen and we discuss plans on the calendar. I go downstairs to my computer and a while later he brings me coffee. He is sucking up after a long hunting trip he just returned from. He says good-night a while later and retires in bed to watch the weather and catch up on Facebook. He works early so he goes to bed early. Nights are my favorite part of the day. The house is finally quiet and I'm allowed my much needed downtime. Mindless TV. Instagram. Books. I stay up far too late and the morning comes far too soon; and then we begin again.


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