Sunday, March 23, 2014

Alphabet: T

The letter T always seems to be one of our favorites of the alphabet series. So many fun words start with the letter. Trains. Trucks. Tractors. All three of those are staples in our house. We only focused on one of those during the T week this time, though.

Train Ts for the door alphabets. Once the tracks were assembled, the boys choo-choo'd their paper trains on the them before finally gluing the trains down.

Traffic lights. We've been using traffic lights as a way to learn colors since Spencer was a toddler. It's always interesting in the car to hear the boys directing me according to any traffic light they see, whether or not it's the right one.

Traffic signs. After making our own signs, we put them to use playing a few games. Red Light, Green Light wasn't as successful as I thought, so we quickly moved onto our own game of Traffic. One of us stands with the signs and directs the "traffic" (i.e. crazy kids on bikes zooming around my dining room). This game has kept us busy for quite a few weeks now.

Paper plate turtles.

Toilet paper roll trees. We learned about the three parts of trees after making our own visual aids (leaves, trunks, roots). Then we planted them in homemade dirt (flour mixed with vegetable oil. I added a few packets of hot chocolate mix to give it a brown color, and the mix had those teeny tiny marshmallows in them that acted as pebbles in our dirt). This kept the boys occupied long enough for me to make dinner. I saved the dirt and pulled it out a few more times. A messy good time.

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