Monday, March 31, 2014

A Month in Pictures {March}

“To be in your children's memories tomorrow,
You have to be in their lives today.” 
-Barbara Johnson

I've always loved when the calendar turns from February to March, as if this simple thing is the catalyst for impending change. Usually in Minnesota spring comes much later than the first weeks of March. Most years it doesn't come well into April or May. But just the technicality of the calendar declaring the changing seasons ignites the excitement of warmer weather and outdoor activities once again.

This March began with the feet of leftover snow from February, but the bitter coldness lifted and we were able to get back outside. Gradually the snow melted enough to uncover the buried swing set, and we rejoiced. As the days ticked on and more snow turned to slush and then puddles, we traded in snow boots for rain boots and splashed our way down the street. As fickle as the Minnesota spring is, we know not to become too attached to the warmer weather and snow-free yard. Any day the sky could dump another foot or two of snow down upon us, screeching our spring-time activities to an abrupt halt.

Now that we're waving good-bye to March and looking toward a more permanent season change, it's time to review the past month with a series of pictures.

I. School field trip to the Children's Museum.

II. Mommy Photography.

III. Seasons.

   A. Winter Prevails.

   B. Spring teasers.

IV. Random Moments.

   A. A walk with Scharmer.

   B. Indoor Picnics.

   C. Mommy's Helpers.

   D. Daddy's Helpers.



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