Sunday, February 16, 2014

No love for you like mine.

"In all the world there is no heart for me like yours. In all the world there is no love for you like mine."
-Maya Angelou

I'm not the sappy romantic type girl who requires lots of love and attention on Valentine's Day. Without the commercialized world telling me about the holiday, it'd probably pass without me even noticing. Now, as a mother, it's really just an excuse for more crafts and celebrations.

As a kid I loved picking out cards from the store and selecting certain ones for specific classmates. My kids are now entering the age for that tradition, so I pulled up a few ideas on Pinterest and let Spencer pick his favorite valentine. One night he sat with me at the kitchen table while I cut out a million hearts. He cut scrap paper alongside me and made a big mess. Then each night for about a week we huddled over the small hearts as he signed his name, slowly working the pencil to create big, messy, nearly legible letters. With each letter completed, he'd announce the next one, almost as a question, waiting for me to confirm it is indeed the next letter in his name. Each night he'd produced three to four signatures oh-so-painstakingly slow until he could focus no longer and we'd give up until the next night. Finally, one night we completed the last of forty-two valentines, and we sat back and admired our hard work. Homemade valentines may come with more stress and mess than warranted, but there's still something so special about them that makes it worth it.

As for the crafts and celebrations part of the holiday, oh yes, we did that, too! We had a week-long pink, red, heart and glitter explosion at our house, which culminated in a fancy candle light dinner on Valentine's Day.

Glitter heart pictures.

Garland #1.

Garland #2.


Flowers. One night Dave took the boys on an errand run while I enjoyed the peaceful quiet of my house. Upon their return, they were supposed to tell me they had a surprise for me. Instead, Ashton yelled something about flowers and Dave immediately shushed him. I came upstairs and was presented with the brightest bouquet of flowers by this young man. Spencer picked them out on his own and was very excited to give them to me. Although Dave also got me a bouquet of roses, it was these unnaturally bright daisies that stole my heart. I believe I grinned the whole night.

Traditional holiday chair picture.


The fancy dinner.
Table details: cheap plastic table cloth. Place settings with name tags. A centerpiece of the flowers and giraffe I received. Candles. Heart confetti. And homemade heart leis.

Dinner details: pink, heart-shaped, chocolate chip pancakes topped with whipped cream, sprinkles and cherries and a side of bacon.

Racing hearts game.

The grand finale: ice cream and a movie.