Sunday, February 23, 2014

Alphabet: Q & R

Over the last few weeks we learned about the letters Q and R in our alphabet series. Recently, both boys have been showing more interest in the letters. Ashton knows that A is for Ashton and "S is for Cubby." His nickname for Spencer is Cubby, so theoretically he is right. Spencer's interest goes in spurts, and there are moments where I believe he's finally made a breakthrough and is an alphabet genius. But then there are the more regular instances where he feigns ignorance and it's like hitting a brick wall. We'll keep taking our baby steps.


Quail Qs for bedroom door alphabets.

Quilts. I created a grid on paper and cut fabric squares for the boys to create their own quilt.

Quarter rubs. I printed off sheets of paper that had upper and lower case Qs and the boys colored over quarters that were under the paper. Then they got to put the quarters in their piggy banks, which was probably way more exciting to them than the actual project.


Rabbit Rs for bedroom door alphabets.

Chalkboard writing practice.

Rainbow puzzle.

Rainbow pictures.

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  1. Oh this looks like great for fun! I can't wait for the day when Caleb and I sit doing activities like this, currently when we do stuff his interest is held for like 5 seconds and then he's off, leaving me to finish the activity off. Lucky for him his mama like a good old crafting activity ;)
    So glad I've found your blog, lovely!

    1. My youngest, Ashton, doesn't always love to sit through the crafts either. His attention span isn't the greatest just yet. I try to choose projects that aren't too very time-consuming or detail oriented.