Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Month in Pictures {December}

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.” 
-Norman Vincent Peale

The month of December is so drenched in holiday shenanigans that it would be hard to separate our ordinary everyday life from it. So this monthly installment of the leftover pictures features all the moments from our Christmas festivities that didn't make the cut, plus some random wintery ones as well.

I. Trolley ride to see the Christmas lights.

II. Homemade gifts, as commissioned by Santa.

   A. Santa's letters.

   B. Peppermint playdoh for friends.

   C. Salt dough ornaments for cousins.

   D. Reindeer for friends.

III. Projects.

   A. Snow paint.

    B. Christmas trees.

   C. Keepsake art.

IV. Snow.

   A. First snow play of the season.

   B. Deck snow play...while Mommy watches inside.

V. Random Moments.

   A. Gingerbread cookie-making with Daddy.

   B. Hot cocoa.

   C. Checking his list.

   D. Big boy bedding.

   E. Jammie shopping.

   F. Landscape photography.



  1. The picture of the boys playing outside while you took a pic from ins if cracked me up. Totally something I would do!

    1. I mean, it kind of solves the problem, right? They want to play outside. I want to stay in where it's warm. I can see them on the deck to make sure they're safe and out of trouble. Win, win.