Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Month in Pictures {November}

“One day, you will learn to give and receive love like an open window and it will feel like summer every day.” 
-Sierra DeMulder

Now that summer is a fleeting memory and the temperature has transformed from tolerably chilly to unfavorably cold with the brisk, cruel wind biting any exposed skin, I've been desperately trying to grasp onto the beauty of winter. And so I pull out my iPhone and snap pictures of the images that symbolize the very thing I despise, and with a few clicks in an editing app, I'm momentarily a fan of this new season. But then a gust of wind blows right through the layers of my clothing and I'm reminded of just how long we suffer through this prison known as winter. But, hey, here are some of the pictures I took in hopes of turning a winter-hater into a lover. Maybe they'll work on you....? Also, here are all the random photos from the month of November, all crammed into one monstrous picture post. Enjoy.

I. Good-bye, Fall.

II. Project Winter Love.

III. Date Your Children.

   A. Mommy & Sons.

   B. Mommy & Spencer.

   C. Daddy & Ashton.

IV. Singing at Church.

V. Brothers.

VI. Birthday Wine Tour.

VII. Angie's Daycare.

VIII. Mommy Photography.

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