Sunday, November 24, 2013

You Must Laugh All Day

My mother-in-law said something the other day that I've never really given much thought before. As we were sitting in a restaurant on Veteran's Day to honor my husband's time served, the boys were being a bit rambunctious. I was tired from the long day of refereeing their squabbles, cooking, cleaning, chauffeuring, running errands and entertaining them. Sometimes it's hard to step back and see the larger picture. But my mother-in-law snapped me back into the present moment that day when--laughing at the boys' thousandth display of nerve-testing, eye-rolling, goofy behavior--she said that I must laugh all day long.

For the record, I do not laugh all day long. I sigh a lot. I take a lot of deep breaths. I lose my cool more times than I care to ever admit. I distract and deter and intercept. But I don't always soak in the wonder that is little kids, see life through their eyes, enjoy playing the whole live-long day. I'm too busy. I'm too old. I'm too tired. I'm too..... The list goes on.

But I do try to be in the moment, to see them for the little people they're becoming. In that spirit, I wanted to share some random conversations I jotted down over the last few months. I wish I was better at recording these little nuggets, because I'm always amused at the things that come out of my children's mouths.

Out of the Mouth of Spencer, Edition 3.

The set-up: One morning we were discussing the countdown to Spencer's family birthday dinner at McDonald's.

Spencer: I get my Planes present.

Me: Yeah. You weren't supposed to see that, you know?

Spencer: (thinks about it) My eyes just moved.

Me: Huh?

Spencer: I mean, my head moved and then my eyes turned.

Me: Oh, that's how you saw the present?

Spencer: Yeah!

Me: So it wasn't your fault?

Spencer: No! It was the head's fault!

The set-up: One night we were in the bathroom while Spencer peed before bed, reflecting on the day. Warning: We're very open about our genitals.

Me: That Ashton sure loves to play with his penis.

Spencer: Me, too (and proceeds to fondle himself). Oh, hi, penis. How are you?

Me: You're silly.

Spencer: You like to play with your penis, too?

Me: Do I have a penis?

Spencer: Oh! Do you like to play with your 'gina?

The set-up: Walking through the parking lot to the Salvation Army.

Spencer: Why does the Salvation Army have toys?

Me: I don't know.

Spencer: So we don't bother you?

Me: (laughing) Yep, that's probably why, Spencer.*

*they play with the toys while I shop.

The set-up: Having a picnic lunch on the little kid's table downstairs in the play room.

Me: Am I too big for this table?

Spencer: No.

(Thinks about it.)

Spencer: But daddy is.

Me: Daddy is?

Spencer: Yeah, because he's almost a giant.


  1. Love it! I always try to find the humor in the things my kids say and do. It's hard though. I sigh and lose my cool more times than I'd like to admit as well. Taking photos and blogging helps me see the good/funny side. And I started my blog as a way to record conversations and funny things my kids say, because it's so hard to remember.

    1. Yes, that's exactly why I started my blog, too, Lindsay.