Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Late Season Camping

About a month ago we took a big step and bought ourselves a camper.* We've tried tenting it a few times since having kids and it wasn't as enjoyable of an experience as we wanted camping to be. We’d always talked about buying a camper sometime down the line; we just didn’t think it’d be this soon.

What’s a family to do with a new camper itching to be taken out for a spin? Eat lots of lunches in it while its parked in front of your house, for starters. Then take it out for a few late season camping trips, of course.

We loaded the camper up and set out on our first trip a few weeks ago. Our friends, who also just bought a new camper, joined us. The weather wasn’t especially kind to us. Rain. Lots of it. And chilly temperatures. But that didn’t deter us much. We bundled up in layers and hid under the awning to escape the rain that trickled down on us during nap time. Luckily the rain stopped long enough for us to enjoy a pretty walk along the trail and chase each other around the baseball field.

Last weekend we set out with our friends again. Neither family was ready to end the camping season just yet. Again, it rained and it was cold, but we have come to think of the late season camping as our new favorite time to camp. Only a small handful of other campers were out, so it felt like we had the campground to ourselves. Our site butted right up to the deserted park, and it felt as if it was a ginormous swing set in our backyard. The kids were able to play over there safely while we sat back at camp. And let’s not forget to factor in the no bugs scenario of late season camping. Or the coziness of cuddling under a blanket around a fire at night while the kids are snoring softly (or causing a ruckus) in the campers.
Now that the camping season is over for the year, we’re definitely itching to get back out in the spring.

*Sidenote: We made the mistake of buying the camper off Craigslist from a complete stranger. We’re admittedly na├»ve, trusting and a little stupid. Yes, we got duped. After the said two camping trips described above, the camper fell apart. Literally. Driving down the highway. As for the old owners? They basically told us to go screw ourselves, which is ironic because it’s kind of what they did to us. Thanks, complete strangers, for being the world’s biggest d-bags. Lesson learned. Trust no one. Bring reinforcements when making a huge purchase you know next to nothing about. Now we’re out lots of money, a little jaded from the experience, and a whole lot more determined to buy the ultimate best camper the next time around.

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  1. Okay, that is horrible that they did that to you! I'm very trusting as well and it could have happened to anyone. Anyway of getting it fixed up over the winter? Although, your camping trips looked like lots of fun. I just wish it didn't end like that. I can believe how unkind people can be :(