Sunday, October 27, 2013

Batter Up: Celebrating Ashton's Birthday

This weekend family and friends gathered to celebrate Ashton's second birthday. The invitation said to wear baseball attire, so there were plenty of Twins shirts in attendance. In my party planning process I somehow neglected to order Ashton's birthday shirt in a timely manner, so we broke out a Twins suit he was gifted as a baby that finally fits him. I'm certain the birthday shirt will arrive on Monday, a few days too late for the festivities, of course.

When I brainstormed party ideas it was a warm summer day. I didn't take into consideration that his birthday borders on November and the weather probably wouldn't be suitable for outdoor activities. Nevertheless, we bundled up and made the trek through the backyard to the baseball field to hit a few balls off the tees. The adults were shivering, but the kids didn't seem to notice the biting wind. They were far too involved in chasing balls and taking turns at bat. Once we were chilled to the bone, we retreated to the warm house for baseball-themed food, presents and cake.

Ashton didn't quite seem to grasp that it was his big day. I look forward to the birthday where he completely understands that these people are here to celebrate his life, another year gone with many more to come. Thank you so much to all who came to make his day special, even if he thought it was just another day at home, a few extra people and some cake included.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Ashton John!

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