Friday, October 11, 2013

Alphabet: J

Dear October,
Thank you for all your loveliness. Please continue to bless us with your warm temperatures and sunny days. But because of this, we didn't get many letter J projects accomplished. Oh well, soon enough we'll be trapped indoors and have nothing but time for projects. Till then, crunchy leaves and parks and walks and driveway art take precedence. 

Yours truly,
A very grateful parent

p.s. November, you can stay away for a while.

Our door letter this week was a jaguar. I encouraged the boys to color polka dots on the Js, but Spencer whined he didn't know how and Ashton was more interested in eating the crayon still. (Really, shouldn't he be out of that stage by now?) We also studied the animal via Youtube videos, which has been our favorite learning tool lately. I mean, you can read books and spew out facts, but until you watch a jaguar stalk an alligator and then attack it for lunch, you really can't understand their predatory nature. We also watched a friendly jaguar purr as a zoo keeper petted him; and now each time the boys swing, they inform me the squeaky noises sound like a jaguar.

Our only other project was to make jellyfish. First, we learned about them on Youtube, of course. I did all the work constructing the jellyfish, and then they played with them in very unconventional ways (all the while I cringed, hoping the bottles didn't bust open and spill blue water everywhere).

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