Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Month in Pictures {September}

I'm not entirely sure I believe the calender when it says it's October. Where'd September run off to so fast? If August is my favorite month, surely September is fighting its way for a close second place. Things gradually transition into a new way of life in September. Good-bye are the long summer days. Night comes sooner, a whole day's worth packed into fewer hours of day light. The lazy days are replaced with a regimented schedule. And before you know it, we're saying hello to the next month. Before we settle into October, let's review September with the end of the month, picture-heavy post.

I. Soccer: Second Year.

II. Growth: 23 Months.

III. Mommy Photography: Railroad.

IV. Random Moments.

   A. Meet Baby Dora: Ashton's Current Love Affair.

   B. Bringing Back the Walkman.

<---August --- October--->

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