Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Month in Pictures {August}

I'm a little bit in denial that August has come and gone. August has always been my favorite month, probably because it's my birthday month, but also because it contains so much. Already reminsicing about the passing summer and anticipating the coming fall. Trying to cram in all the last minute activities on your summer To Do list. Warm days and cool nights. Bare feet and skinned knees. Bon fires and s'mores. Swimming and sandcastles. Late nights with friends and families. Margaritas and cold beers. School shopping. Now, as a grown woman, I remember Augusts as a kid being almost magical for all the above reasons and much, much more. My sister, cousin and best friend would spend every week day morning on the tennis courts, giggling and scheming over who could lob a ball at our coach and his sweaty belly button ring. And the afternoons were lazily filled with riding bikes we'd grown too big for around our tiny, deserted town in search of a shady nook to camp out and gossip. As a mom I hope Augusts are just as magical for my children.

Here is our big, fat picture-heavy end-of-the-month post. Good-bye, August! You were good to us, as always.

I. Family.

   A. Three Generations on a Fishing Boat.

   B. Back Home County Fair.

   C. Family Reunion.

II. Friends.

   A. Angie's Daycare.

   B. Races.

III. The "Firsts"

   A. Summer Camp.

   B. Vacation Bible School.

IV. Random Moments.

   A. Nap Time.

   B. Planned Beach Day.

   C. Batter Up!

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