Monday, August 19, 2013

Hanging onto Summer

"Childhood is the most beautiful of all life's seasons."
-author unknown

As the summer winds down, everything seems to minutely be shifting toward the change of seasons. Cooler nights and crisp mornings. A stray amber leaf betraying her green sisters. Temperaments flaring. Long summer days dragging into boredom. Weekends crammed with belated attempts to accomplish everything on the extensive summer bucketlist.
We've been on a mission to discover new parks before the end of the season.

The longing for structure is apparent in my household. The excitement of summer is quickly dwindling into tedium. And everyone knows boredom breeds ill-tempered, misbehaved kids. I'm grasping to hold onto the excitement of summer with the tips of my fingers because I know what's around the corner. The long, hard days of winter. But even I cannot deny the pull of fall. Fall is like a magnet sucking you in, and before you know it, you're knee deep in snow and even crabbier, misbehaved kids suffocated by the tedium of our house.

I've been taking an active stance against the change of seasons. Slowing down time has been the biggest obstacle, especially on the long, hard days that I so desperately want to hurry and cross the finish line. The fast-paced, go-go-go lifestyle that we've been leading as of late has made for some disagreeable little boys and for some unpleasantly long, painful days. Because of this we've been taking stock of things, examining our plans, making changes when necessary, truly paying attention to our kids' needs versus the items scribbled on the calendar.

A picnic is always better jazzed up with a parade of construction trucks and tractors.

Saturday was one such day where we threw everything planned out the window after a morning of whiny, arguing and misbehaved children. Instead we loaded up the boat and enjoyed a peaceful evening on the river, just our family of four and the great Mississippi. Subway catered our supper and nature provided the scenery. It was exactly what was needed.

Here's to many more summer days ahead of us, and enjoying all the moments in between.

This nifty travel wine mug is compliments of my friend. Best birthday gift ever.

Don't be alarmed: this is the only alcohol our cooler contained. Ya know, the responsible parent bit and all.

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