Friday, August 30, 2013

Alphabet: F

Since the suffocating heat and humidity kept us indoors the majority of the week, we were able to focus a lot of attention on the letter F. We picked out quite a selection of books at the library and then set to work learning about fish and frogs. I grabbed a firefly book at the library on a whim, and I wish I would have planned some projects on the insect since the book interested Spencer so much.

Our door letter for F was a frog.

And we learned about a frog's life cycle from a pin wheel template I found online. Spencer thinks it's a clock and periodically tells me the frog says it's 40 o'clock. Perhaps we should dedicate some time to study clocks and time-telling.

We braved the heat one morning and did a project with fly swatters. I drew flies on a large piece of paper and lettered them. The goal was to swat the flies with the letter F. Because of the weather, this activity wasn't as big of a hit as I thought. We wanted to retreat back into the chilly air conditioned house. First we stopped at the sprinkler to hose off the paint and cool down.

We dedicated a whole day to creating an ocean. First we colored some fish stickers with Color Wonder markers Spencer got for his birthday. Then we painted a large piece of paper blue. Once that was dry, we stuck the fish stickers on our ocean. I'm pretty sure this was the boys' favorite activity.

We ended the letter F by making paper plate fishes. The boys decorated them however they wanted, using markers, stamps, stickers and glitter.

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