Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Month in Pictures {July}

It's no secret: I take a crap ton of pictures. Daily. I'm constantly purging the camera roll on my phone because it gets a little out of hand. Then when I take a picture, I feel like I need to share it. What good does it do sitting on my phone? Unless I write a bazillion blog posts a month, I simply can't stay on top of this full-time photo-sharing job. So here is my solution--a big fat picture-heavy post at the end of the month. Here goes July...

I. The outings.

   A. County Fair.

   B. Pizza Farm. (Sounds exactly as it is: a farm that serves the best wood fire pizza. The farm also has some goats, chickens and the most charming outhouse.)

   C. An Evening on the River.

II. Random moments.

   A. Messy yogurt snack.

   B. Dude with a 'tude.

   C. Forced family mirror selfie. (Ignore the placement of my husband's hand. He be gettin' frisky.)

   D. Date night!

   E. A stroll through the mall on a chilly day. (Hence the vests, long sleeves and jeans.)

   F. A movie date with my biggest little man. (He didn't want his picture taken. No surprise there.)

III. Mommy Photography. (What, doesn't finding the perfect tree spark a spontaneous photo shoot for you, too?)

There you have it, folks. The first installment of the monthly photo dump.


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