Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mission: Distraction

This week started off dicey:
-Up all night Sunday with a very unhappy baby.
-A trip to Urgent Care to confirm what I suspected--yet another ear infection.
-Crabby, clingy, unhappy kid.
-Missed a few scheduled events in our week due to said illness.

Since I was working off little sleep and even less patience, I tried to distract all of us with some fun outdoor activities. Ashton was completely content outside in the fresh air, but the minute we stepped inside our house, he reverted back into a crabby monster.

Mission Distraction Tactic #1:  Park date with daddy.
Dave had the afternoon off on Monday, so we walked to the boys' favorite park--to be known as the park with the giant sandbox--and then got some ice cream.

Mission  Distraction Tactic #2:  Picnic supper at the park.
In lieu of Daddy and Me on Tuesday night (translation: avoid late bedtime with sick kid), we met Dave at the park after work for supper.

Mission Distraction Tactic #3:  Baseball.
Wednesday when I was sick of playing on the deck, driveway, swing set, park, etc, I decided it was time to get creative. There's a baseball field behind our house that's been beckoning to us since the snow melted (and then remelted over and over aagin this spring season), so I loaded up the wagon with our baseball gear and we batted up. So maybe the kids weren't wearing all their clothes (translation: we never got our of our jammies), but their feet were protected. Next time I'll ditch the camera and actually attempt a game of T-ball.

Calling his agent.

Mission Distraction Tactic #4:  Shop.
So this was more of a distraction for me than the sick boy, but sometimes mommies need retail therapy in order to keep their sanity. Plus, I needed to find the perfect shoes for this weekend. (Translation: OMG, OMG, I canNOT wait for this weekend!! No kids for the entire weekend. Say what?)

More random distractions from the week:
We spend a lot of time on our deck. It's really like an extension of our home.

The boys are reading to each other.