Saturday, May 18, 2013

Belated Mother's Day

Mother's Day, to me, is an excuse to be spoiled and plan elaborate events, sometimes with periods of time to myself. This year we were away the weekend of the holiday, only returning home partway through the day. We celebrated at my mother-in-law's, where my children had been staying while we were away, but decided to delay my Big Day.
Reunited with my boys on Mother's Day after a weekend away.

A few weeks back the boys and I spent a few days making gifts for the grandmas. Everything was homemade, from the wrapping paper to to the cards to the actual gifts. Since my mom lives a few hours away, we gave her gift to her early during her visit with us last month; and Grandma Amy received hers on Mother's Day.
Homemade gifts: coasters.

Grandma Keeha opening her gift.
Grandma Amy took the boys shopping for my gift, and Ash proudly carries it to me.

My first ever school gift from Spencer. It made me a bit teary.

This weekend was my Belated Mother's Day, and although it wasn't perfect (i.e. bickering, whining, tantrums, etc.), it definitely highlighted my life as a mother--my favorite title, job, being. I can hardly remember my life before becoming a mom--barely a whisper of the Angie of today. Do I sometimes reminisce about the idea of being the other Angie? The one who could just leave the house on a whim (no planning around schedules, no mad dashes to get shoes, coats, snacks, diapers, potty breaks, sanity), sleep in until noon, eat without a thought about the stubborn baby pooch, have a night out without days or weeks or months of planning childcare, etc etc etc. Yes, yes, one hundred bazillion trillion emphatic yeses--yes! But would I trade in my Mother card for my former, more carefree and less tethered to world self?  No, no, one hundred bazillion trillion emphatic nos--no! Truth is, becoming a mother has defined me more than any other single thing in my life, and I take great pride and joy in this role. I'm humbled and honored to have two stubborn, silly, sassy, handsome little boys call me Mommy. I wouldn't have it any other way. And, because of this, I feel the overwhelming need to celebrate such a holiday that values the importance of mothers.

My Big Day started with a kids' program that a state park hosts once a month. This month's theme was all about bugs. They handed out a BINGO card with an assortment of insects and a magnifying glass to identify said bugs. As we explored the trails, Spencer excitedly looked through his magnifying glass on his quest to find the bugs, and Ashton waddled behind, just content to be in his favorite place in the world--outside. Ironically, the day we are actually searching for the pesky creatures, we were hard pressed to find any. We did find some gnats, a centipede and then a little souvenir on Ashton's cheek--a wood tick. (Cue shudders. Ewwww!)

We continued the celebration at our traditional Mother's Day BBQ dive for supper, and then enjoyed some time at a park, before ending the night eating ice cream. 

My tummy and heart are full. This is one lucky Mommy. Happy Belated Mother's Day!

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