Sunday, April 21, 2013

Special visitor

Our weeks are pretty routine. Children thrive on the familiarity of routine. My kids can only deviate from their routine so much before their little heads spin and things start going bad. Real bad. Ugly. I-wish-I-had-an-escape-plan-bad. Other kids are more flexible with their schedules and can easily roll with what their day brings. I envy the parents of those kids. So we stick to our routine, even when a special visitor comes to visit.

My mom came for an extended visit this week. I'm sure our uneventful days exhilarated her. Being stuck indoors because of the unseasonably long winter definitely put a damper on exciting plans. But we savored Grandma Keeha's presence and took advantage of an extra body to play with.
Check out Ash peaking at a napping Grandma. I guess our routine wore her out.

Prior to her visit, we did manage to soak up the fleeting sun one full day, both morning and afternoon.

But then the very next day we were sentenced to yet another gloomy day indoors. Instead of giving in to Mother Nature, we jutted our chins out in protest and got creative.

First, a lovely picnic indoors. Destination: Ashton's bedroom.

Next, a play date closest to the Great Outdoors we could muster. Destination: the garage.

Lastly, we settled on an art project I found on Pinterest here. Destination: the dining room table.

It was kind of a Pinterest-Fail, but the boys didn't know. They enjoyed their project. I didn't have all the supplies on hand, so I substituted clear glue for the basic white kind, and kosher salt for plain ol' table salt. Apparently, these things make a difference. Eh, I happen to like our version better anyway.

On the last morning of my mom's visit, the fleeting sun made a temporary visit, and we fled outside to soak it up, knowing full well it probably wasn't going to last. Oh, beautiful Saturday, thank you for your lovely weather! My friend dropped her kids off for a few hours that day, so we shared our outside fun with them.
It's been fun watching these two grow at different rates. Six months in age difference is a big gap when you're babies. Now, finally, they are friends.
Don't let the sibling love in these photos fool you. Moments later Spencer and Ashton were at each other. A few scratched faces later, both boys were banned from the wagon. More room for the Zeisel kids, who behaved like angels, by the way.

Then we sucked out every last morsel of the nice day at Grandma Amy's house that afternoon. The mud and the snot were well worth it.
What's this little cub bear getting into?

Then in the customary fashion this particular Spring is giving us, the following day big, fat, wet snowflakes swirled down from the sky and blanketed the brown earth once again. One step forward, three cold, white, soggy steps back. Eventually we'll be running barefoot through the green grass. Eventually.

More Mahlke randomness:
This boy's appetite is insatiable. Eat, eat, eat. He eats bowl upon bowl of cereal, then eats the remnants of his big brother's bowl, and then begs off our plates.

The crummy crud + a bad nap = crabby baby. The remedy: mommy snuggles and kisses.
A new big boy bike for this lucky fella.
Happy 2nd Birthday to our favorite B-man!!
The birthday quilt I made him.
I found this tucked neatly into an envelope I had addressed to myself one day long ago at an ECFE class, long forgotten. Months later, the teacher mailed these off to the recipients. A note we wrote ourselves, a little tidbit of parenting advice, to remind ourselves of something we deemed important at that particular moment. I prettied it up and stuck it on my fridge. There's my free token; take it if you please.

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