Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Weekend of Dates

Like most weekends, we packed as much as we possibly could into the span of the few blessed days. It was a weekend of dates.

Friday I passed on an offer to spend the night with girlfriends to instead go on a date with my little family of four, something we don't always prioritize in the hustle bustle of our busy lives. The date didn't start off the most promising when we sat in a restaurant passing an antsy, squirmy toddler over the table in attempts to distract and quiet him and occupy and contain a sassy, crabby three year old. Dave and I exchanged wide-eyed, exhausted looks that screamed, WHY DO WE DO THIS TO OURSELVES? Sometimes it's just easier to eat at home or, at the very least, fast food. Once the food was devoured--and I do mean devoured, there's no putzing around in a restaurant with kids who'd rather be anywhere else--we moved on to the fun part of our date, which convened in a pet store.

Part two of our date was a pet store scavenger hunt. I made each boy a separate poster of items to find in the pet store. Dave wheeled Ashton around in a cart, locating the things on his list; Spencer and I meandered through the store to find ours. Each time Spencer found one, he got to put a sticker in the box next to the picture. Both boys seemed to really enjoy the scavenger hunt. Ash got really excited when he found something in the store off his list, pointing from the picture to the store item. Spenc buzzed with excitement the entire time, eager to find the next thing on the list. 

To end the date, the boys each got to take home a fish. Once the tank was set up and the fish were situated in their new home, Spencer and Ashton spent the remainder of the night oohing and ahhing over their new pets. The fish tank started out on a book shelf that was accessible to the boys, but then it had to be moved to a higher dresser out of the reach of little hands since Spencer kept putting random objects into the tank.
Meet Nemo and Rufus, the newest members of our family.


Saturday morning the boys and I had a pajama park and picnic date. Clothes on Saturday mornings are overrated.

Saturday afternoon Spencer and I went on a date to his friend Briella's first dance recital. We even got spiffied up for our big day. After Briella's performance, we snuck out early and got some ice cream.

Later that night our friends came over for a fish fry, where we spent the majority of our time playing outside enjoying the 70 degree weather finally.
This cuddly, coziness only lasted about 15 minutes before they scrambled back outside to play.


Sunday my friend Ann and I went on a shopping date. It's been far too long since I've enjoyed a full day of shopping, especially where I only shopped for myself. We hit up a few thrift stores, grabbed some lunch and then ended at the mall. Five dresses apiece and some shirts later, we are set for the summer! Well....until we think we need another shopping date anyway.
Taking a break from shopping to enjoy a yummy, messy lunch and a margarita.

Our weekend of dates wrapped up with our weekly Sunday dinner at my mother-in-law's. This week we invited our friends to join us. The kids wore themselves out on fresh air and tractors and the adults enjoyed margaritas and brewskies.
Helping Grandma do yard work.
Their relationship makes me grin. I love how serious they look here, like they're plotting something mischievous.

All weekends could go something like this one and I'd be supremely lucky and content. Happy and blessed.

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