Thursday, March 28, 2013

10 Year Iraqiversary

This year marks the 10 year anniversary of Dave's accident in Iraq. He's a tweenager! Since this is such a big year, I wanted to celebrate it in a way that Dave would understand the magnitude of love, appreciation, and respect we all feel for him and for his time served in the United States Army.
He's just a baby in this picture.

Thus began the stressful planning of the surprise party. I almost told him a bazillion times because I wanted to share every little detail like I normally would. Guess who's coming? Should I order a big ass cake? I finally finished the video! Luckily, I kept those comments to myself, but I did almost ruin the surprise at the last minute when a text meant for his mom (who was holding down the fort with all the guests while we ate dinner with some friends and then checked into our hotel) ended up being sent to him instead:

Me: We are checking in and will start walking soon.
Dave: Yep I know that.
Me (after slapping myself in my stupid head for sending the text to him instead of his mom and trying to backtrack in order to save the surprise): So hurry it up!!
Dave: I'm trying.

So maybe he was slightly suspicious, but we did still end up surprising him in the end. A lot of family and friends (and even some out-of-towners we haven't seen in years) showed up to celebrate the decade since Dave was injured in Iraq. Thank you to everyone who came and helped make the night special for our favorite soldier!

Here are some highlights from the party:

David has been asking for a new bow for quite a while, and I always tell him to save up for it. Little did he know that I was working with his good buddy, Jeff, to give him one for his anniversary. Jeff went above and beyond and customized every little detail. 

We couldn't just give him the bow. Oh no. We had to trick him. First he opened a gift from me--a handmade camoflauge blanket for his bow case. I asked him if he'd like a new bow to go with that. Out came Jeff with a big, long box. Inside was a handmade stick bow with the company name Strother on it. Dave chuckled, thinking we're a bunch of smart asses. Then I handed him the real gift...and he almost pooped himself.

I made a video that explains David's journey and showed it at the party. It left a lot of us weepy. Check it out on my YouTube channel It's a bit long, but well worth the time.

Here are some of the many guests who came out to celebrate with us.

Last Year I made a video with a series of interview clips where David explains his experience in his own words. Check that out here.


Today--March 28--on Dave's actual anniversary, we celebrated with an informal dinner at a local pizza joint. The boys gave him a card they made.

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