Friday, February 1, 2013

New Venture

It's no secret, I've been sewing a lot these days. Mostly I've just made things for myself, friends and family. One of my friends suggested I should open my own shop on etsy. This was months and months ago. The idea buzzed around in my head for a bit. Then Christmas came and I was swamped with making homemade gifts. Now that things have finally settled down, I decided to revisit the etsy shop idea. Then I started sewing. And sewing. And sewing. (Briefly interrupted by a broken needle and mountains of lint build-up in my machine.) After the sewing was finally completed, I set to work opening the shop.

Drum roll, please.

It is finally done! My etsy shop is now open for business. Please peak around. Share it with family and friends. Maybe even buy a thing or two.

You can find the store here. Happy shopping!

The shop is called Baby and You Handmade. Here are a few of my favorite things.

Taggy Blanket. (Why, yes, that handsome model is my baby.)
That particular feature on the taggy blanket is what I like to call "twisted strips." It took me centuries to do! I'm hoping some baby falls in love with it.
Camera lens cap pouch. (I'm in love with this fabric. I almost don't want to sell this.)
Diaper Clutch. For mommies on the go.
Infinity scarves. (Of course. They're kind of my thing, right? In fact, I made a small mistake on one and decided I should probably keep it for myself. I wouldn't want to sell a sub-par product, after all.)

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