Saturday, January 12, 2013

Back in the groove

Life is back to normal. Spencer started preschool again, and his mood and behavior are indicative of that. Hallelujah, praise the Lord for preschool! Ashton and I returned to our ECFE class as well. And, most importantly, I am now reserving jammy days for those rare days when we have nothing calling us away from home. (Of course, I can still trade my jeans for the comfy elastic waistband pajama pants once we're home for the day, even if it is 11:00 a.m. That's completely different than staying in the same jammies I slept in, in case you were wondering.)

Last weekend we enjoyed a family bowling night, even if it only lasted all of 15 minutes and the bowling alley was nice enough to waive the charge. It was Ashton's first experience bowling, but the ever-lasting crud that has plagued him since the fall turned my normally easygoing baby into a clingy, crabby monster desperate for his blankey and bed. Spencer, who is known for his sympathy sickness, also decided that bowling was "hard work" and wanted to go home, too.

This week we did a science experiment to see how gas blows up a balloon. After I poured some vinegar into a water bottle and baking soda into a balloon, I secured the balloon around the top of the bottle. Spencer lifted the balloon to release the baking soda. Once it combined with the vinegar, it sizzled and fizzed and created gas, which blew up the balloon. Both boys watched with wide eyes and were amazed. Then, naturally, they wanted to play with the balloon. I blew up two different balloons that weren't soiled with our science experiment mess.

The weather was unseasonably warm this week. I decided we must take advantage of it and get outside when we aren't freezing our cute little tuckuses off. First, we snow painted. I filled some bottles with water and food coloring and let the boys spray it onto the snow. Ash had issues hanging onto the bottles since his little hands were crammed into thick, thumb-less mittens, but he was content watching his big brother turn the white canvass into a colorful picture. We also made our first ever snowman, complete with a hat and scarf and rocks for the eyes and nose.

Instead of the traditional cup of hot chocolate topped with marshmallows to thaw our chilled bodies after our fun in the snow, we used both big and little marshmallows as paintbrushes and chocolate and strawberry pudding as paint, and we made pictures. This edible project was a big hit...and a big mess!

Dave and I went on our first date since our anniversary in August. It was long overdue. After we dropped the boys off at our friends' house, we went to dinner and a movie, and enjoyed every second of it!

The boys started swim lessons this weekend. It was Ashton's second round of lessons, but it took him a few beats to warm up to it. Spencer graduated to independent lessons. Although he was hesitant, he willingly got into the pool all by himself. After a rocky start, he faced the fear of the big pool and actually cracked a few smiles.
Look how he won't take his little hand off Daddy!
Give the kid a toy and he's good to go.
Cheering Ash on from the sidelines.

Bryson's first ever swim lesson.
Waiting to start their first independent lesson.

Not so sure about this.

Ok, it's not so bad, I guess.

We found ourselves with a free weekend for once, which rarely happens these days. So what did we do? We hit up Chuck E Cheese, of course!

This week's randomness:

Spencer is singing "Angels We Have Heard on High" which he sings constantly since his Sunday School Christmas program.
Game night: Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, and games on my Kindle (or as Spenc calls it, my book).

Gooooo, Packers!
Fix-it time.

I also returned to sewing this week after OD'ing over the holiday season.
Spencer and Ashton hanging onto hands. Awww, cute.
Mommy's kitchen helpers.

Boys will be boys.....every darn day.
Modeling Daddy's old geezer...errrr...VFW hat.
Toy boxes do so much more than store toys.

My precious sleeping baby.

He is so good at feeding himself now.
Another sewing project: diaper clutch. Good-bye, bulky diaper bag!

We had a special visitor this week--Bryson.
Enjoying some snuggles, realizing my Ashton snuggle days are numbered.

Chef Spenc making pizzas for supper.
Lazy afternoon with Daddy. (Nina just wants the chips.)

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