Sunday, November 4, 2012

Catching Up

We've been busy the past few weeks with birthday parties and Halloween that I haven't sat down to write a regular post about our weekly lives in a while. So bear with me, this might be a long one; I have a lot of catching up to do.....

All About Ashton.
A week or so after Ashton turned one he decided it was time to sleep through the night. After 12 straight months of waking up at least once a night to nurse him, this new sleeping routine is kind of nice. We've also started our slow stroll down Weaning Road. Ash is down to three nursing sessions a day, before his two naps and at bedtime. I'm in no rush to cut these last sessions out just yet. It'll time. For now I am enjoying the last little baby moments I have left.

At Ashton's 12 month well check-up his doctor referred us to Mayo to see a specialist for his pectus excavatum (PE). That appointment will be on Wednesday. I have armed myself with as little information on the subject as possible as I didn't want to become inundated with too much. Too much of the "what ifs" is bound to turn me into a paranoid mess if I'm not too careful. I read through the material the doctor sent home with me and that was certainly enough. I now know the basics, enough to prepare me for the appointment, to point me in the right direction, to somewhat ease the fear of the unknown without drowning in the worse case scenarios. For those of you not familiar with PE, it is a deformity of the chest wall, causing it to appear sunken in.
Here are some pictures of his sunken chest.

On a more positive note, Ashton attended his very first class this past week, Evening Song. Spencer started this class when he was about the same age. He has now graduated to the preschool version. Dave and I both go, rotating which kid we sit in with each week. Ashton experienced his first circle time, deciding it just wasn't for him. He's too much of a mover to enjoy sitting still in my lap to sing and clap and be massaged. He definitely liked the other aspects of the class--the flashlights, bells, scarves, balls, dancing, etc. Throughout the class we incorporate baby sign language, which is a really nice way to help with communication until he is able to mutter those long-awaited words. Spencer even participates in signing at home, asking (while signing) Ashton if he is all done eating or wants more. At the end, both the baby and preschool classes merge together to do an activity and the beloved good-bye song while being rocked in a blanket. We love this song so much that we've adapted it at home as our good-night lullaby and has been sung at numerous cranky times and rough car rides.

My boys didn't want to ride on their own hayride; they preferred to hijack Jackson's, much to Jax's dislike.
Good-bye song.
Some Stuff about Spencer.
Last Sunday Spencer sang at church with all of the Sunday School students. Although I was very excited, I wasn't prepared for the emotion that would overcome me. As I watched my little boy stand at the front of the church among the group of children and attempt to sing and imitate the motions, I teared up. I had to keep wiping my cheeks. I wish I would have taken a picture. He was so stinkin' cute. I'm not sure when or how it happened exactly, but my little boy is so very grownup.

But growing up is not without some hiccups. Spencer also experienced another first--his first bad note sent home from preschool. His teacher spoke to me one day after school to explain there was a note in Spencer's backpack about his bad sharing habits. Apparently, he was having some trouble sharing with his friends. I definitely wasn't surprised to hear this since he has the same issue at home and with friends, but I was surely hoping he morphed into some Super Angel while away from me. Ha! Wishful thinking, I suppose. So we continue to work on that very hard lesson.

Here is Spencer's preschool picture. A handsome little fella, if I do say so myself.

Last Friday Spencer got Daddy all to himself when they went on a date to a toy store while Ash and I were at a playgroup with a bunch of babies. On the date they rode a carousel, ate ice cream and browsed through a bunch of toys. Spencer was able to select any toy of his choosing from a cheaper section, and what did he choose? A pickle finger, what else? What kid's toy box is complete without a green rubber thing resembling a pickle that you wear on your finger?

Spencer learned about the number seven this week. He glued seven fuzzy pom poms onto a big paper seven. Then he practiced tracing sevens I had pre-drawn on a piece of paper. Lastly he drew lines to match up rows of numbers. Sometimes he loves these types of activities, other times his attention span isn't quite long enough to sit through them. On this particular lesson, he wasn't loving it.

Ash wasn't left out of the project fun. I taped a piece of paper onto his highchair and gave him a few crayons. It didn't last too long since he kept wanting to eat the crayons, go figure.

Ashton's very first picture proudly displayed on our Artwork board.

Celebrating with Friends.
Our friend's daughter, Briella, turned three this week, so we celebrated in Mickey-style. Ann put together a very festive Mickey and Minnie party, and my Mickey-obsessed three-year-old loved this. He traded in his Mickey ears for some Minnie ones, but opted not to wear the Mickey gloves altogether.
Spencer modeling the Mickey gloves I sewed for the party.

Birthday girl taking a turn.

Blanket and pillow I made for Briella's beloved doll, Sally, to match the ones I made for her.

We also had the great honor of being the godparents to our friends' daughter, Evelyn, this weekend.

Blanket I made for Evelyn's baptism.

More randomness.
Spencer and Ashton have an obsession with playing in the crib. Their favorite thing is for me to make a fort by draping a blanket over the top and then they proceed to pull it down over and over again. Here they are giggling while playing trampoline.

Ash's new hat.
We found this toy at Salvation Army. They don't make 'em like this anymore.
Cuddling up to watch some Mickey Mouse.
Thanks, Grandpa Dave, for my birthday shirt.
Going on a hayride.
I patched a hole in Spencer's jeans with an old receiving blanket.
Some one-on-one learning time with Ashton.
The blanket I made for Ashton's birthday.

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