Monday, October 22, 2012

Soccer, field trips and pumpkins

Last week was packed full of fun stuff. It started on Sunday when we went to Bounce World with our good friends, the Zeisels. We all jumped and went down slides and Briella even rode the mechanical bull. It was definitely a fun trip we'd love to repeat again soon.

Monday Aunt Hopey came for a random visit. She was able to watch Spencer's last night of soccer, along with Grandpa Dave and Barb. Spencer was thrilled to receive a medal, certificate and sucker at the end of the night.

Tuesday Spencer went on his very first preschool field trip. I'm not sure if he was more excited to ride the bus or to go bowling. He now thinks he is big since I told him he got to ride the bus when he is a big boy. A handful of other parents came to the bowling alley to watch our kids bowl, too.

I did a quick photoshoot involving a naked Ashton and a pumpkin. I can't say Ashton enjoyed it much, but he didn't put up much of an objection either.

We tried to enjoy the nice weather as much as we could, but on the days we were stuck indoors we did a few activities. First we made a pumpkin with paint and pumpkin seeds. I painted a pumpkin on a piece of paper and then tried to make some leaves with the boys' hand prints, but neither kid was too cooperative. Then Spencer glued on some real pumpkin seeds.

We did more worksheets, where Spencer practiced tracing lines, distinguishing between big and small, shape matching and learning left and right. We also played with plastic letters, focusing on the first letter in his name to build up to him being able to recognize the letters in his name and then eventually be able to spell it. Periodically throughout the week we played games on my phone. His favorite is a solar system memory game. I give sole credit to Mickey Mouse for introducing him to the planets because now he is obsessed.
Work sheet.
Letter play.
Phonics app on my phone.
Here is more from our week:

Miss Evelyn wearing the outfit I gave her Thursday night for our supper play date.

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