Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pretend Scary

We got into the Halloween spirit this week. We did projects and field trips and bought books centered around this holiday, and then focused on how it is all "pretend scary" as to not terrify my three-year-old.
Our first project was to make a pumpkin puzzle out of popsicle sticks. Spencer painted the popsicle sticks orange. Once they dried, I drew on a pumpkin, glued on some googly eyes and then we set to work putting the pumpkin back together.

For our next project we made bats out of egg cartons. We painted them black and then glued on some googly eyes. We hung them in the entryway along with our ghost for a spooooky effect. 

Then I made a keepsake project, which I like to do for each holiday. I made ghosts out of both boys' footprints.

Our final activity was less to do with Halloween and more to do with beating the bad weather blues. I made fishing poles out of sticks, yarn and paper clips. Then we fished for magnetic letters. This occupied the boys for quite some time.

Finally, I sat down with Spencer to do a preschool workbook that I bought at the dollar store. I wasn't sure how it would be received, but Spencer loved it and he was surprisingly good at the activities. We identified items out of place in a row, practiced sequences, counted, and attempted to navigate through a maze. Spencer mastered circling items and learned how to make an X (one line, two lines). After we made our way through the book, he wanted more. Now it is on the agenda to print off some preschool worksheets online. Who knew learning could be so fun?

This week for "outside school" we went to a small pumpkin patch. Both Spencer and Ashton had a blast. They petted and fed goats, painted pumpkins, and played in a pumpkin patch as they searched for the perfect one to bring home. An added bonus: Spencer's best buddy, Jackson, was there this week.

Searching for the perfect pumpkin.

Spencer holding onto his little brother for a wagon ride.

We went on a field trip to a children's museum with our good friends. We went early on a week day morning, which is a completely different experience than going on a busy weekend afternoon. We were the first to arrive and shared the museum with only a few other families. The kids played, painted a picture, and played some more for nearly two hours before we had to leave to eat lunch.
Driving the fire truck.

Catching ribbons that fly out of the tubes.
Being like Bob the Builder.

"Hey, Babe. Wanna ride?"
Best buds.
Since this is fire prevention week, a fireman visited Spencer's preschool class. He came home with a red plastic hat and proceeded to tell me all day that he was a firefighter and made loud, siren noises. He also got his very first school pictures this week.

Even Ash got a turn being a firefighter.
Practicing his cheeseburger smile for pictures.
Friday night I slipped away for a few hours to enjoy some much needed adult time with my friend Ann. Apparently we had a bit too much fun since I was not feeling so good the next morning. Thankfully I have the best mother-in-law, who so graciously (even if she got a good laugh at my expense) took my kids for the day so I could sleep it off. Lesson learned: I am no longer able to participate in adult activities like I once was. 

Saturday Dave participated in a Wheelin' Sportsmen hunt. He assisted a man with a traumatic brain injury hunt, and he proudly boasted that their team is the only one who even spotted a deer.

Today my family officially became members of our church. After Dave and I were first married, we did a little church hunt, trying to find the right church for us. About a year ago we found one in our small community that we really love and feel comfortable in. It feels good to have a church family once again.

Here are more pictures from our week:

Ashton showing off his clapping skills.

Helping Jason install our new kitchen faucet.
Ash at Spencer's soccer game.
Spencer showed Ashton the only cupboard they have open access to.
Good sharing.
Watching the combine.

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