Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I love holidays. I live for them. They make me feel like a kid again. And I especially love celebrating holidays with my children, making them big and special and memorable, dragging them out as long as I possibly can. Instead of one measly day for a silly holiday like Halloween, we string it along for days. Here is our Halloween 2012.

The Costumes.
Spencer was Lightening McQueen from the movie Cars. I got his costume off a Facebook selling page over the summer for super cheap. Ashton reused Spencer's old giraffe costume that I had bought off ebay, also super cheap. I'm part of the camp that it doesn't make sense to spend a bundle on a costume that will be worn only a few times.

The Parties.
Last weekend we attended a few parties. Saturday Spencer and I headed to a nursing home, where we played games, ate cookies, drank juice and then paraded down the halls collecting candy from the residents. I grinned each time Spencer shouted thank you in his little boy voice after the candy landed in his plastic pumpkin bucket. Sunday the whole family went to the YMCA for another party, this one slightly disappointing to us adults, but the kids seemed to enjoy themselves. Spencer collected some candy from a broken pinata and we spent some time hitting sticks on big rubber drums.

The most exciting party, though, was Spencer's preschool one. Tuesday morning my little giraffe and I joined Lightening McQueen and his class for a festive party. We played games, sang and danced along to their favorite songs during circle time, and passed out treats. I happily pawned the remaining gift bags from Ashton's birthday party off to the whole preschool class, along with some candy.

Circle time.

The School Day.
Since Halloween fell on a week day, we decided to still treat it like any other day and attended "outside school." Unfortunately (or fortunately, whichever way you want to look at it), everyone else was too busy doing their Halloween stuff, so we were the only participants this week. Spencer ate up the attention of the two teachers he's known for a few years now, Miss Chris and Miss Sheila, and we enjoyed the brisk afternoon at a deer Halloween costumes, of course.

The Great Pumpkin Painting Project.
Every holiday calls for a project, or two or three or more. We've done our fair share of Halloween projects already, but I couldn't let the actual day itself pass without one final one. I whipped up a batch of homemade edible paint so Ashton could participate and then took precautions to protect my house from too much of a mess. This was Ashton's first experience with paint and I think he was a fan, perhaps a future Picasso on our hands. Well, OK, so maybe more ended up in (and on) his tummy than actually on the pumpkin, but everyone starts somewhere, right? As for Spencer, my seasoned painter, even he enjoyed this pumpkin painting activity. He covered every single nook and cranny of the pumpkin with a few layers of the homemade paint before he finally agreed to jump in the bathtub with his brother.

The Trick or Treating.
We ended the holiday Trick or Treating. We live on a small cul-de-sac, which is very convenient when bringing small children out on a chilly Halloween night. Ashton made it to a handful of houses before he grew antsy, cold and tired. Dave retreated home with our little giraffe to pass out candy while Spencer and I hit up every single house on our street. By the end of our trek, Spencer struggled to hoist the plastic pumpkin up to collect his candy, but he refused my help to carry it, declaring he had big muscles. He very much enjoyed the sacred holiday tradition of going door to door, yelling Trick or Treat and then receiving treats.

Trying to con his way into eating just one more piece of candy.
Tonight as we tucked Spencer in bed he told us that next year for Halloween he wants to be Mater from the movie Cars, so he can tow Lightening McQueen, which I'm guessing is Ashton in another recycled big brother costume. Hmmm....we will just have to see what next year brings.

Posing with their painted pumpkins.

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