Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall is in the air.

It's that time of year again where you're tricked into being excited about the seasons changing. The reds, yellows and oranges of the trees delight you. The cooler weather is a nice break from the heat of August. The seasonal activities distract from the fact that soon the cool weather will turn frigid and the colorful landscape will soon be a dull, depressing black and white picture. Minnesota Autumn, I'm on to you! You're a fleeting season, giving way to dreaded winter. So in the meantime, the boys and I have been trying to eat up all that we can of the little slice of season known as Fall.

We started Project Enjoy Fall on Monday by dragging out the Halloween decorations. Nothing says Fall like a skeleton hanging from your front window and a paper ghost in your entry way. We also took our annual Front Door Pumpkin Pictures, otherwise known as the dreaded, tortuous thing Mommy makes me do every year, to Spencer. Fortunately, it wasn't such a struggle this year, and Spencer willingly posed for a few snapshots with the pumpkins and the newest member to our traditional photos, his little brother. After getting the pictures out of the way, we soaked up the warm weather and played in the front yard.

Mmmm, I wonder what that dandelion tastes like.
Toting a pumpkin around in his bike.
Before soccer on Monday night we met Dave at a small neighborhood park for a picnic supper, most probably the last of the year, and then spent the remaining time sliding down the three-seater slide, joining hands and "weeing" our way down. Both boys have an obsession with slides at the moment.

We also did a leaf project on Monday that really didn't go as planned. We had scavenged the leaves Sunday afternoon after church, but by Monday the excitement had worn off for Spencer. He sat for approximately five minutes as we tried to do leaf rubbings by coloring on a piece of paper with leaves underneath.

Tuesday was the fall family picnic for Spencer's preschool. We sat on blankets and ate hotdogs. Spencer enjoyed a little jumping time in a bouncing castle before we headed home.

Wednesday was a beautiful Indian summer day, which we savored every possible minute playing outside. In the morning we toted the orange plastic pumpkin pals out to explore the fallen leaves (and, of course, take a bazillion pictures).

In the afternoon we enjoyed a nature walk at "outside school."
Spenc was timid at first and wanted to hang onto my hand.

I forfeited my Angie night on Wednesday to go on a date with Spencer. He has been going through a rough patch lately, where his behavior has been very hard to handle--acting out, hitting, biting, tantrums, whining, screaming, etc. Instead of resorting to more time-outs and Mommy/Son chats, I decided to take his behavior as a cry for attention. Thus, our date. We went bowling. Spencer enjoyed bowling for about ten minutes, and then found more excitement in the machine that shot the balls out and blew air. The thing he loved the most, though, were our snack breaks. Periodically, we stopped bowling to sit down and munch on popcorn and sip our drinks. Spencer was treated to his very first pop, which is a huge deal since he isn't even allowed much juice, let alone a caffeinated beverage. I think our date was a success. He still acts like a typical three-year-old, but his behavior seems to be back on track. For now, anyway.

Then Thursday turned cold and we retreated indoors. We went to the library for the first time in a long while to stock up on a bunch of new books. Friday we had a pajama day. Per Spencer's request, I built a fort in Ashton's crib, and the boys proceeded to tear it down over and over again. Spencer and I also did a homework assignment.
Learning letters at the library.

Homework assignment to decorate a pumpkin any way you wanted. Spencer chose glitter, big surprise.
We enjoyed another low key weekend--friends over Friday night for dinner; shopping and errands on Saturday, followed by supper in the living room watching Thomas the Train (another big deal since we have a strict policy of eating supper at the table as a family); a pancake breakfast at the fire hall Sunday morning, Sunday School, church and then a lazy afternoon at home.

More from our week:
I got some balloons to try out an idea for Ashton's birthday party. The boys enjoyed them all week long until they deflated and I tossed them while the boys were fast asleep.

Hung up David's old baby shoes in Ashton's room. Seemed wrong to hide them away in a box when they're so darn cute.
Cuddling with my pink blanket to make him feel better.
Helping me make a practice birthday cake.
Happily sampling the practice birthday cake.
Honoring my beloved friend's year anniversary.
Yummy lunch of chocolate chip pancake shaped as men and topped with pink sprinkles.
Ash's face was covered in chocolate. I'd say the pancakes were a hit.
His favorite spot to get into trouble.
Spenc decided he needed slippers like Mommy, but since he doesn't have any, he improvised with sandals.
Horsie ride on Mommy's leg.
Epitome of Minnesota falls: scarves and jackets with sandals.

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