Sunday, August 5, 2012

A little of this, a little of that.

This was a very unfocused week with a hodge podge of stuff. We had a few play dates, but mostly we stayed put at home and prepared for Spencer's big party. We didn't do any planned projects or activities, but we did enjoy some fun with kitchen utensils. Friday we had some special guests when I watched my friend's kids and Angie's Daycare was temporarily reopened. So here is our week in pictures.

Oatmeal is yummy!
Drinking cereal milk like Daddy.
We saw a rainbow one night at Spencer's bedtime, so I woke him up to show him since we learned about rainbows during the letter R week. 

Spencer lent his puppy to Ash on a long truck ride.
Helping Mommy weed.
I like mashed potatoes.

Good ol' tupperware.
Playing with friends.

I'm quite certain none of the kids were too thrilled with this picture.
Spencer likes to eat the banana with the "wrapper" now.

We finally got to play outside!
Ash thinks he can do whatever the bigger kids do.
Briella is patiently waiting for her turn on the baby swing. 
Pit stop.
Sweet potatoes!

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