Monday, July 30, 2012

Lake House 2012

What do you get when you add 6 adults, 1 tween, 3 toddlers, 2 babies (and another one on the way) in a 4 bedroom, 1 bath cabin? A lot of great memories!
Our weekend home.

Every summer we take one long weekend trip with our good friends, the Fravels and Zeisels. In 2010 we tented it at a campground. We decided to stay in a cabin in 2011 in Hayward, MN. This year we found a private house off a lake in Maple Lake, MN, that suited our needs quite well. Of course there was the downside of having only one bathroom, especially with 3 potty training toddlers, but it actually turned out to be less of an issue than we had anticipated. I'm already excited for our weekend in 2013!
The whole group.

We left Friday afternoon and returned Monday afternoon. We ate a lot, swam, played, ate some more, had s'mores and hotdogs around the campfire, played, swam, and ate a lot more. In fact, we ate all of our yummy munchies, so the guys made a snack run on Sunday.
Family photo (plus Jackson in the background).

You'd think with having that many young kids in a small space would produce a lot of drama, but luckily the weekend was relatively peaceful. We all enjoyed our time with good friends.

Here is our 2012 weekend in pictures.

Our first meal.

My best friends, Ann and Tara.
Jules fishing off the dock.

The toddlers take turns fishing.

Spenc refused help.
The "babies." Bryson is technically a toddler at 15 months, but he's still a baby to me.

Testing out the bunk bed. It'll definitely be a few years before he gets that privilege...
although we did say good-bye to the pack 'n play and hello to a Cars air mattress.
Going on a paddle boat ride.
The toddlers pulling in the boat.

Poor Bryson was not a happy camper all weekend.
Ann and I worked off all our snacking.
Tara at week 33 of her pregnancy. Someone is always pregnant and/or nursing in our group.

Briella was in love with the pink floatie.
Being tossed in the air.
We all enjoyed the slide!

Dave catching Jason.

My boys LOVE Julia.

Sipping juice with my best friend.

I have a picture of Spencer in a Summer Shandy box as a baby, so I just couldn't resist this.

More Julia-lovin'.

Cotton candy farmer, apparently.

Tara and Jason.

The girls.
The last breakfast.
Ann being silly with the self-timer on the camera.
Time to go home.

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