Sunday, June 24, 2012

Week Two

Week two of being a single mom wasn't any easier. Even after I resolved to be the best temporary single mom ever, I still struggled. I struggled with keeping my patience with a stubborn two year old who was acting out. The poor kid really missed his daddy and didn't quite understand why he was gone. He was hurting for the attention I just couldn't give him. I struggled to juggle my limited time between both my boys, Spencer usually winning out since he has always demanded more attention. Poor Ashton always loses out. So then I struggled with the guilt that my baby was being neglected. Just the every day things you take for granted are much harder when you're used to having help. Dishes, diaper changes, baths, bedtime, etc. I struggled to keep my house from drowning in dirty dishes and clothes and being consumed with books and toys strewn about. I struggled taking my boys on fun outings having only two hands and two eyes to do the work of two parents. Needless to say, at the end of the day I struggled to stay awake to enjoy some much needed Angie time. Thankfully my husband is home and I can put my single momdom status to rest.....for now anyway.

Last weekend I packed up what seemed like my whole house to take a trip back home for my family reunion. Spencer was excited to play with his cousins again and I was looking forward to a little adult interaction. Since I was home on Father's Day, we took advantage of the rare situation and took my dad out for supper. We spent the night at my sister's house. While the boys were fast asleep in their pack 'n plays, Hope, Brian and I enjoyed the nice night with a few adult beverages. We went to bed far too late and woke up far too early, but such is the life of a mom with small children. Before heading back home, we brought donuts to my Grandma Faye's for a short visit.

Grandma Keeha.
Cousin Olivia.
Uncle Ryan.
My little family minus one important member.
My big family minus quite a few.

Waking up at Aunt Hopey's.
We took a week off from projects because, honestly, I couldn't muster up the energy to organize any. Instead we met up with some friends for a play date; stayed cool in the hot weather playing in the pool; hit up a few garage sales; and went to Family Night on the Farm, where Spencer got to ride a train, hayride, jump in a jumping castle and come face to face with some stinky cows. All in all, it was a good week, even if tempers were short and tantrums were aplenty.
Can you tell this baby loves water?

Who needs a fancy aquatic center?
Hanging onto hands with his Lella on the farm.

He is in tractor and train heaven.

Let me see that thing, Mommy!

Going on a hayride.
Spencer has been doing very well with potty training. Over the weekend he had a few setbacks, but I think the traveling messed him up. He has been accident free for the past few days, even taking a few poops on the potty. We're still working on him recognizing the sensation of peeing and then holding it until he is on the toilet, but I'm fairly certain we are on the right track now. He is very proud of himself for wearing undies and not diapers. Sometimes I miss the convenience of diapers, like when we were on a farm and only a porta potty with a long line was available. Spencer spread his legs wide while we were waiting in line and declared he was going to pee outside. Luckily, I stopped him and he held it until he was sitting on the toilet, though.

This weekend is my small town's celebration. Friday morning we enjoyed a kiddie parade and free ice cream. We invited our friends over Friday night for dinner and to watch the fireworks from our yard. Saturday afternoon we visited the teeny carnival, where Spenc got to ride the train over and over again. He also got a pony ride and to pet some animals. Saturday night we went to a BBQ at a friend's house before watching the parade.
Kiddie parade.

Just posing for a picture; he's still too little to ride.

We're so glad to have Daddy back!

Another parade.

Also this week, Ashton turned 8 months old! He's still working on mastering the crawling technique. He woke up a few times this morning on all fours crying. I've been told by an ECFE parent educator that babies often practice their milestones in their sleep. Hopefully he perfects crawling soon so he can sleep better! Here are his 8 month growth pictures.

Here are more random videos and pictures from the week....

A treat at McDonald's.
My sleeping baby.

His first owie! I looked away for a second during the kiddie parade, and he did a nosedive off the curb onto the pavement. Ouch!

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