Sunday, June 3, 2012

A major case of the crabbies

This was a loooong week. We came off a busy holiday weekend and were struggling to catch up on sleep and settle back into our routine. We were all a bit crabby, but Spencer was SUPER crabby. Then Friday morning he ran a fever. It made it a bit easier knowing his cranky mood could be attributed to some sort of mystery illness. It didn't, however, remain a mystery too long. Saturday morning we learned that one of Spencer's friends contracted the pesky Hand, Foot and Mouth disease, so Saturday night we went into Paranoid-Sanitize-Everything mode after discovering a sore on Spencer's tongue. A trip to Urgent Care Sunday morning confirmed that he also has the infection. Unfortunately, there are no medicines for it; just Novocaine to numb his tongue and throat so he can eat without pain. All weekend he was complaining of being hungry but would barely eat more than two bites before saying he was done. Once I applied some Novocaine on his tongue, he gobbled up a bunch of pizza and bread sticks. Somehow this nasty, extremely contagious infection has seemed to skip Ashton.

This week was also a week of good-byes as the school year came to a close. Spencer graduated out of the toddler classes at ECFE. It's on to separating classes next year, which means Spencer will be on his own during the class while Ashton and I hang with the mommies to discuss parenting issues. Once Ashton is one year old and can walk, he will be able to join Spencer and the other kids. Instead of the Mommy and Me type classes we've been accustomed to, the separating classes are formatted more like a preschool setting. I guess it's officially summer! Next week we'll kick off the new season with some ECFE park play dates and end of the year picnic.

We also said good-bye to the booster seat this week. Spencer fought me on this for weeks. He was more than reluctant to sit at the table like a big boy for some reason. I had to coax him and trick him into believing it was his idea. Once he was on board, we called Daddy while he was at work and left him a voicemail to tell him we needed his help to put the booster seat away. His recent obsession with his daddy paid off in this instance!

Another good-bye was to the bouncy seat. I was the reluctant one this time. It's where I was safely stashing Ashton while I showered. But my baby is on the move. He does not enjoy being contained. While trying to crawl out of the bouncy seat, he knocked it over. To his credit, he didn't so much as whimper; he just kept on reaching for whatever caught his attention...while still strapped into the bouncy seat. The next morning I rolled the high chair into my room and set up Ash with a bunch of toys on the tray while I showered. Try getting out of that one, baby!

Speaking of being on the move, Ashton is so close crawling! All week he was working on that developmental milestone. One day he was turning around in circles on his belly. The next he was scooting backwards. Then up on his hands and knees he went. He went from rocking on his knees to taking wobbly scoots forward. Dave witnessed his first attempts, but Ash decided to be stubborn when I pulled the camera out.

We didn't do any letter projects this week, but we did make a potty chart. Spencer helped me color the poster. Each box car on the train represents a time he pees on the potty. Once all the box cars have stickers, then he gets to go on a train ride with Daddy. One pee down, four more pees to go. Before he got sick, Spencer was doing really well. He seemed to be making progress. For once he was telling me he had to pee. We ran and hurried to the potty but never quite made it on time. He got upset when he peed on his Mickey Mouse undies, which is a huge improvement from peeing in secret and then denying it. Unfortunately, the potty training came to a slight halt once Spencer got sick. I'm hoping to pick it back up where we left off again soon. My goal is for him to be potty trained by fall when preschool starts.
Whoopsies, I colored on my head!

Our weekend was filled with the dreaded yard work. Weeds, weeds and more weeds. The highlight of the weekend for me was definitely Friday night. My friend, Ann, and I closed down the bar (well, bowling alley, to be exact. Gotta love small towns!). It was a lot of fun letting loose and having a good time. I didn't get to bed until 3am, which is far too late for me! I can't wait until our next girls night out again! It should definitely become a regular thing.

Enjoy more random pictures from our week...

Reading in Spencer's bed. One of our most favorite activities.

All of the toys drying after being washed and sanitized due to Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease.
Playing in Spencer's bed one lazy morning. What a way to start the day, huh?

Helping with the yard work this weekend. He wore out the battery hauling weeds.

Mommy gets a bread bowl salad at Perkins and I get sweet potatoes and corn. Yummy in my tummy!
Feeding the baby bunnies we found while weeding.
Taking Mommy's van for a spin after a nursing session in the Target parking lot.

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