Sunday, May 20, 2012

R, extended

We continued with the letter R this week. Our first project was to create a picture of rain. We used the colored rice from our project last week for the rain and we used cotton balls as clouds. Since Spencer loves glue and glitter, he enjoyed this project a lot.

For another project I created a race track out of an old cardboard box. Both Spencer and Ashton got use out of this one.

I ordered a calendar to help Spencer learn the months and days of the week. Each morning we change the days of the week. Then we look out the window to determine the weather and mark it on the poster. All the parts are velcro, so he enjoys the task of our morning calendar duties.

We had two play dates this week. We walked around the lake, played at the park and had a picnic with our ECFE friends, Carrie and Austin. Spencer absolutely adores Austin and talks about him being his friend constantly. Our other play date was our weekly Thursday night play date with our best friends, the Zeisels. Although the wind threatened to blow us away, we had a great time playing at the park.
"Don't forget me!" Ashton pleads as we get ready for our walk around the lake.
Friday night we enjoyed a night at one of our favorite places in the whole world: Marmer and Grandma Amy's. Spencer was yet again in tractor heaven. He rode in either the "big tractor" or "little tractor" all night. He even shoved his way in when an intruder tried riding in "his spot" next to Marmer. His most memorable moment (just ask him) is riding in the little Gator with his friend, Christian, who "drives fast!" He got very, very dirty and got a much needed bath by Grandma. It was the one time we forget to pack extra clothes or jammies, so he wore one of Grandma's shirts. Ashton wore himself out from hamming it up for the company of Great Grandma and Grandpa Smith. Then he slept the majority of the night there, which is actually a great accomplishment since he doesn't normally sleep well at someone else's house.

We've been soaking up the nice weather all week long. Saturday morning we didn't even bother to change out of our jammies before going outside to play.

Today we celebrated our local heroes at the fire hall for EMS day. Spencer enjoyed going inside the fire truck and the fire truck's friend, the ambulance.

Also today Ashton accomplished a pretty big milestone: pulling himself up to a sitting position. And we missed it. He did it alone in his crib when he woke up from a nap. This is how we found him....
Help! Get me out of this crib prison!!
I'm a big boy now. I can sit up all by myself.
Enjoy more random pictures of the week.....

Nina kisses!

He might be getting a tad too big for the bouncy seat, eh? It's where I safely stash him while I shower, though.
Spenc is ecstatic a park finally has a small and light enough digger for him to actually use during "outside school" this week.

Talking their own language to each other.
Enjoying an ice cream cone on a walk one night as a reward for eating well during supper.

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