Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Weekend 2012

Mr. Serious.
We always seem to pack quite a lot into our Memorial weekend, and this year was no exception.


Friday night we grilled out at the lodge with Grandma Amy and Marmer. I drove the Kubota up the hill with Spencer in "his spot" wedged between me and Grandma. We hauled the little Gator tractor in the back so Spenc could drive around on top of the hill. While we enjoyed our brats, Ash munched on pureed green beans while contentedly bouncing in the exersaucer. It was our first BBQ and fire at the lodge of the season, and we're looking forward to many more before the summer comes to an end.


Checking in.
When Spencer and I did our calendar ritual Saturday morning, we were very excited to realize that the train day had finally come! Dave dressed him in his "train pants" and a long-sleeved shirt since it was a bit chilly out. We arrived at the train station early to check in. Spencer got a conductor hat and happily sang, "All aboard!" while we waited. Unfortunately, the train ran 45 minutes late, and Ashton was getting antsy for his nap. I nursed him, and then he and Dave left us to drive around so the little guy could sleep and Dave could locate the train station where we were getting off. Spencer was entertained by a train episode of Mickey Mouse on my phone while we waited for the train to come.

Conductor hat.
Waiting for train.

Finally the train came!! Hand-in-hand, Spencer and I walked behind the line of people boarding and climbed the steps up to our seats. The excitement and anticipation for the moment definitely showed on Spencer's face. It was a great experience watching him take it all in. Although the ride was very short (about 30 minutes), it was well worth it. He could barely sit still and he chatted nonstop. When we pulled into the station and had to get off the train, Spencer was very sad and kept asking for more. We agreed we'd ride it again soon, but next time would be Daddy's turn to ride with him.
Finally on the Choo Choo!

Reading important safety information.
This is how he spent most of the ride: looking at the world fly by.

Hi, Daddy and Ashton!!

We ate lunch at a small diner close to the train station. Then we made a pit stop at the mall to feed Ashton and buy much needed new bedding for our bed. Both boys were pooped from the long day, especially Spencer, who could not sit still. They both crashed on the ride back home.
Long day.

We had our good friends over on Sunday for a BBQ. Before supper the kids splashed around in the pool. Ashton seemed to really enjoy his first time swimming in the little pool.

After supper we played with the parachute I ordered online. It was a big hit and definitely worth every cent. I'm sure that thing will get a lot of use before the summer is over.

For dessert I tried to replicate Grandma Smith's famous carrot bars. Although they were really yummy, they still weren't quite as good as the real thing. 

Memorial Day

In the morning we attended the ceremony at Vets Memorial Park in Winona to honor the veterans who lost their lives. Then we ate lunch at the VFW.
Looking at Daddy's brick.

Grandma Amy.
After naps we headed out on the river in Scharmer's pontoon boat. Ashton wore Spencer's old life jacket, but it was a little too big and he couldn't sit down comfortably. Poor guy. I guess we'll be life jacket shopping soon since we plan on spending more time out on the river this summer.

I hope everyone enjoyed their long holiday weekend. We had a lot of fun, but now the whole family is exhausted and a tad cranky. Time to sloooooow down. I'm glad this is a short week.

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