Saturday, April 21, 2012

A lazy week

We had a lazy week since another pesky bug/virus visited our house. That meant no letter projects and a lot of cuddling. Monday Spencer had a fever and was very, very crabby. We snuggled on the couch all morning watching Mickey Mouse and Cars. By the afternoon he seemed to be back to his old playful self. We had a few days reprieve before it hit Ashton. Thursday morning Ash puked everywhere, including all over me. I had him naked on the changing table cleaning him up when it came out the other end. Once he was cleaned up and dressed, he puked some more. Luckily, he did not have a fever and he was feeling much better by the afternoon as well. Unlike his older brother, though, he can be miserable without showing any signs of not feeling well. It's his easygoing personality. Spencer is like his daddy where he needs lots of love and attention when he is sick.

Tuesday we had a busy morning when our new living room furniture was finally delivered and our new TV was mounted on the wall. We've been having fun transforming our once haphazardly thrown together living room into a "grown up room." We have a few final touches to do (and, yes, one does involve some paint on the walls eventually for those of you who have expressed concern about our painfully white walls) before the transformation is complete, but it already looks much better. Although we do like our new matching furniture set, we'd also like to thank those of you who have donated your used stuff over the years! (A special thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Smith for all their "special" pieces. We took turns saying good-bye to the rocking chair that got a lot of midnight miles with a colicky Spencer. It might not have been the prettiest chair, but it sure was functional!)
To make room for the new furniture, we put away the much neglected swing.
Here is Ash enjoying one last swing.
The only other highlight of the week was our "outside school" on Wednesday. Spencer refers to the ECFE program Last Child In The Woods as "outside school." This week we met at a Wildlife Refuge for another nature walk. We had lots of fun and even brought a souvenir home with us via Spencer's blonde head: a deer tick. YUCK!!! Nothing like a creepy crawly teeny tiny bug to send shivers down your spine the entire night.

Even though we didn't do any formal projects this week, we did enjoy some past ones. We played a round of our family matching game from the letter M week. It was so cute watching Spencer name off family members. If he couldn't remember a name, he'd simply say, "that's my cousin." I was impressed on how many family members he could name, even remembering the names of all the grandmas (Grandma Keeha, Grandma Amy, etc). We also played with the lacing beads from our letter L week. Spencer had more fun playing with the long piece of yarn, though, and used it to tow his cars that got stuck in the mud. He even toted the yarn and a car to supper at Pizza Hut. Hopefully next week we'll be back on track because I have a lot of fun ideas for the letter P.

More random pictures from the week:
Ash is getting better at sitting up by himself. He can do it for 15-20 seconds before toppling over.
Gotta start somewhere, right?
Fishing at Grandpa Dave's a few weeks ago.

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