Sunday, April 8, 2012

It's Easter!

Ash keeps getting his feet caught.
Not quite sure what he's doing in the crib!
Those darn breathable bumpers might be safe,
but they aren't as effective, apparently.
We had quite a lot of fun with Easter projects and activities this week. We did more silly Easter stuff (bunnies and eggs), which I'll get to in a minute, but I thought it was important to incorporate what Easter is truly about. All week we have been reading from Spencer's Children's Bible and talking about Jesus. I try to explain it so a two year old would understand (the disciples are Jesus' friends, Judas is a bad, bad man, Jesus goes to live in Heaven up in the sky with his daddy and our Father, etc), but mostly he just likes the pictures. We don't make it to church as often as we should, but I feel it's very important for my kids to be raised in the Christian faith. Every night we pray as a family before bed. Even if Spencer giggles because it feels funny to fold his hands and shouts out the last word in each sentence and AMEN, it's nice to know we're instilling the word of Christ early in his life.

Now on to the silliness of Easter.....

We made Easter egg cookies. Spencer loves rolling out the dough and frosting and adding the sprinkles to the cookies, but his favorite part is eating them. We made more Easter eggs and a cross using card stock, tissue paper and squirt bottles. After applying a bunch of tissue paper scraps to the eggs and cross, Spencer squirted them with water. Once they dried, we peeled off the tissue paper to discover the color had bled onto the paper. Our last project was to make Easter bunnies. I did most of the work for these while Spencer occupied himself with water paints. I like to do one project each holiday as keepsakes that show the growth of the kids (i.e. their feet or hand prints). This project used their foot prints as bunny ears. Next year we'll pull out the bunnies and see how much their feet have grown in a year's time.

Our Easter projects on the Artwork board.

Also this week we attended the first outdoor playgroup organized by the Winona ECFE. Normally on Wednesdays we attend the playgroup at the school, but they decided to take the playgroup outdoors now that it's spring. We did a scavenger hunt/nature walk, collecting objects to use later for an art project. I strapped Ashton in the Baby Bjorn and off we went. I'm very glad we did not walk the entire trail, because partway through Spencer made statements like, "This is hard work!" and "Carry you, Mommy!" There was no way I would have been able to carry two kids at once through the woods! Once we got back to the group, we glued our findings onto a board. Spencer very much enjoyed this art project. It is now proudly displayed on the bookshelf in his room.

Somehow the boys caught yet another cold this week. I've lost count how many times they've been sick this year! I'm ready to be done with runny noses, coughing fits and crabby, crabby kids. On top of that, Ashton is teething hard core. We can feel and kind of see a tooth on top. Hopefully it breaks through soon and gives the poor kid some relief. It's hard seeing my normally very easygoing, happy baby experiencing discomfort. (And, honestly, I feel like I've forgotten what to do with an irritable baby!)

Ash discovered grass!
Since we were not able to attend Easter Sunday church service, we decided to go to one on Good Friday instead. We visited one of our favorite churches in Winona because they offered an earlier worship service time, which works better with our kids' early bedtimes. Instead of a traditional service, the church put on a sort of One Act play depicting the death and resurrection of Jesus. There was a row of candles in front of the altar and between each segment a candle would be extinguished. At the end we sat in darkness and reflected on the powerful words that Jesus had died and risen before the lights slowly came back on and the congregation trickled outside. It definitely was an effective way to get the Easter message across and I very much enjoyed it.

Before church we tried taking some family Easter pictures, but they didn't turn out so great. They look more like what you'd see in an outtakes photo reel. We took several pictures, but here are the "best" ones.

Saturday morning we went on an Easter egg hunt in Winona, but of course my phone chose that moment to die. It was supposed to act as my trusty camera! Needless to say, I did not get to capture that particular moment, but I did snap a picture of what came after. See for yourself below.
This is how I found him after feeding Ashton. I guess he
didn't want to share his loot!
Easter Sunday we were visited by the Easter bunny, who had hid our Easter baskets, leaving a plastic egg with a clue to their whereabouts. We went on a short scavenger hunt before locating the baskets. Spencer had fun with this, and I'm excited for Ashton to join in on our holiday traditions eventually. Afterwards we made the trek back home to celebrate with my big extended family. After a yummy lunch, we had an Easter egg hunt. Spenc played and played and played, and was in toy heaven at Aunt Velda's. He did not want to leave! It proved to be a bit too much to undertake in just one day with driving the 2 1/2 hours there and back. Spencer was running on E, but yet refused to admit defeat. It wasn't the most pleasant ride home is a nice way to put it. Ashton did great, though! Here are some pictures.

Happy Easter!
Egg Clue #1: Where does Mommy wash and dry clothes?
Egg Clue #2: Where does Ashton drink water from a sippy cup?
Egg Clue #3: Where did Mommy and Spencer eat a packed lunch from their lunch boxes the other day?
We found them!
Look what the Easter bunny brought us! (And, yes, that's a PINK sippy cup much to Daddy's chagrin!)
Matching cousin outfits.
Easter egg hunt.
Nu uh, Lincoln, that's MY egg!
Ant She-She.
Uncle Nic.

Getting some love from Violet and Ant Hopey.

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