Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Heart Day!

Our Valentine's celebration started Sunday with making heart cookies. I'll admit I cheated and bought premade dough, but I made the icing myself! After having spent the early hours of Saturday morning in the ER with my baby and then the rest of the weekend literally rocking him back to good health, I just didn't have the energy to make homemade cookies. Spencer didn't know the difference. He enjoyed rolling out the dough, using the cookie cutters to make hearts and then finally frosting the cookies.

Sunday we also used cookie cutters as stamps. We dipped them into red and pink paint and stamped hearts all over a bunch of white card stock. These became the base to our Valentine's Day cards. Once dry,  I cut them into several hearts. Then Spenc decorated with some Valentine's Day themed stickers. He got a huge kick out of putting the cards and candy into little baggies for his friends. Sadly, due to the weather, we did not make it to class that night to hand out the Valentine's, though.

Quality control.
Today we made some cards for Daddy. I'll be honest and say I hadn't even thought of cards for him until I saw he bought some for me. These are a last minute attempt at saving face ;)

Although Ashton is mostly feeling better now, he so nicely passed his germs onto his brother. We made a trip to Urgent Care Monday morning. Spenc has some fluid in one ear and both are a little pink, but nothing to be too concerned about. Ashton is definitely on the mend, but boy did he give this mommy one good scare. I'm hoping the entire family is healthy by this weekend because we are making another trek home to stay with my family. The boys are spending the afternoon at my brother and sister-in-laws and we are taking my nieces rollerskating!! We did this last year and had so much fun that we decided to do it again.

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