Sunday, February 19, 2012

Family Weekend

We made the trek to my hometown this weekend to visit with my family again. This time it was under happy circumstances. Dave, my sister, Hope, and I dropped the boys off at my brother's house. Uncle Ryan and Aunt Hill babysat while we stole their daughters, Olivia and Sydney, to go rollerskating. We met up with my mom, my cousin, Jaci, and her niece and nephew, Tina and Tony, as well as my childhood friend, Krissy, and her daughter, Brenna. It was a lot of fun! I continued my no-falling streak from last year, but unfortunately my mom was not as lucky. A trip to the ER confirmed she indeed sprained her wrist. Ouch!

Spencer and Ashton enjoyed their time at the farm. Uncle Ryan even took Spenc to the barn to sit on all the tractors. Although Ashton refused to eat (still no luck with him taking a bottle), he did really well away from mommy, too.

We spent the night at Aunt Hopey's. Then headed back home this morning. David took Spencer to Grandpa Dave's to go ice fishing, where he caught 8 fish and even tried to put another man's decent-sized fish back in the water. Whoops! It was a nice weekend visiting family.

Exhausted after a long weekend.

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